1. R

    Problem with normalization and - proteomics analysis (LC-MS)

    Hi folks, I am working with proteomics data, containing mainly LC-MS and NMRI analysis. Firstly, I must normalise data to give valuable compound for biostatistics analysis such as data imputation. I have never had to deal with such data. Can you advise me on which method to choose (I usually...
  2. M

    Multiple comparison problem (one-to-many)-Protein sequence

    Dear All, I am new here and this is my first post. I have a problem where I am comparing a set of 9 protein amino acid (AA) sequences (Proteins I am interested in) vs 1000 random of proteins sequence sets 9 by 9. Basically, I am trying to confirm that some AA (e.g. Alanine) are enriched in my...
  3. H

    How to normalize LC-MS data with minimum bias (proteomics)

    Hello all, I'm working with quantification of some modified peptides enriched from serum of sick and healthy people. In the crude data (integrated LC-MS peak areas) this modification appears to be significantly more abundant in sick people's serum, which is the hypothesis, and also consistent...