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    Mistake in design? No control group...!

    Hi all, I am concerned that I have made an error in my design and need to present stats soon and fear looking like a fool :( Essentially what I wanted to look at was whether a treatment type had a positive influence on clients. Unfortunately, there was no ability to have a control group...
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    Thesis Statistics - - Outcome Known, but want to categorize Participant responses

    Thesis Statistics - - Possibly Kruskal Wallis test? Hi! I am beginning the process of determining which statistical tests to use for my thesis research involving high school dropouts and their anxiety levels in mathematics and testing situations. Here are my research questions: 1. What...
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    urgent stats help

    I need some help desperately. I would like to find out whether there is any difference between three conditions using a t test (I dont know if I need an independent or paired t test), and have tried this in SPSS but cannot seem to make sense of it. Basically I have 6 participants who watched...
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    Help needed with analyzing sensitivity to changes in Musical sounds

    Thank you so much for your advice in advance, I owe you a pint if you are in London! :) I am trying to analyze whether kids with autism are more sensitive to changes in timbre (tone color) than typical kids. Timbre research shows that we hear timbre in 3 dimensions: attack time (ATT), overall...
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    Predicting flight performance using personality factors

    I am using HEXACO PI-R as a predictor for flight performance. It contains Honesty-Humility Emotionality eXtraversion Agreeableness (versus Anger) Conscientiousness Openness to Experience with numerous subfactors for each dimension (e.g Emotionality) I want to correlate it to flight...
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    is it possible to convert a pass or fail data into quantifiable data for thesis?

    our thesis is about personality factors affecting performance. and their performance is evaluated to either pass or fail only since its for a license. is it possible for it to be converted into quantifiable or usable data in our study? or does it still require a scale for it to be correlated to...
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    two groups match or differ on basic demographic variables- how to check?

    Hi, My study: - 2 groups- 1. Not allowed to work; 2. Allowed to work (control) - compare the groups on various aspects like quality of life, depression, anxiety, etc on standardized quantitative questionnaires - compare if coping ability (2 standardized quantitative scales) predict scores on...
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    Not sure how to present data - 3D scatter?

    To help aid the reader of my thesis I want to present some perceptual data in a graph or table format, but am unsure what approach to use as I want to include 3 variables. - Viewing Distance - Stimuli Size - % Error. % error increases with viewing distance, but decreases with stimuli size...
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    Statistically Challenged Psychology student!!!

    Hi everyone, I am really hoping that someone here can help me out. I am really struggling with the analysis for a Psychology study I have conducted, and have lots of questions :( I find stats really difficult, and just cannot begin my analysis yet because I am so stuck. I will try to give some...
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    hierarchical regression output interpretation

    Hi everybody, I have a realy hard time interpreting hierarchical regression in general but I am reading a study now that really confuses me. Here is the output they present to you in the text it says that "in step1 (child...
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    Is it possible to use ANOVA with a Likert Scale questionnaire?

    I am currently writing my dissertation and the deadline is getting close. I am really struggling with how to analyse my data - I had planned to do a one-way independent measures ANOVA but now I don't know how I will do it, and I've started to panic! My study is investigating whether media...
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    Comparing results presented as percents. Best method

    Hi folks, I was wondering if you could help me wrap my head around the best way to present some data and the best statistical test to use to illustrate a comparison. Here is the breakdown: Group A (N=41) was asked to complete a questionnaire that asked them specific questions on a topic...
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    SPSS Help! What tests to use?

    Hello friends! I am currently analysing some data I have collected about some patients, which includes their demographics and scale ratings based on their therapy and the therapy outcome. DEPENDENT VARIABLE: The therapy outcome. The outcome is their baseline pain rating minus their pain...
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    Analysing ranked answers

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    Mcnemar's test for dichotomous IV vs. dichotomous DV: how pertinent is it?

    I intend to study the effect of a given psychological intervention (dichotomous independent variable) on the compliance of a medical treatment (dichotomous dependent variable). For this purpose, the compliance of a number of patients will be “measured” in two different moments (say M1 and M2)...
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    Odd thing happening in linear regression when I enter my predictors...can you help?

    [B]Hello[B] friends This may sound like a total rookie question but please if you could help me better understand this. I am performing a linear regression with 2 predictors. When I run a linear regression using only one of these predictors, they are both significant in the model. But...
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    Statistically analyze fluctuating relationship

    Hi guys, I've entered some uncharted territory and I'm not sure how to proceed. I need to quantify how two variables fluctuate together over time. In my study, I had ten sequential blocks of trials on a psychological task (block 1=first, block 10=last). For each block of trials my DVs are 1)...
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    Deciding on test and help with power, thank you!

    Hi there, I'm a first year PhD student and I am a bit at a loss regarding which test to use, and how to calculate power for a grant proposal. Any help will be much appreciated! I'm running all my participants in two conditions (positive/negative), so a within-subject design My dependent...
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    ROC Specify Cut - Offs

    Hi, I am conducting a couple of ROC's to compare our sample with the results from other analyses and am a little stuck Basically other papers have looked at specific cut offs (e.g 50) however whenever I run the analysis in SPSS my cut offs are all varied, for example 50.5, or 48.5, which...
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    What statistical procedures do I need to know to be a proficient psychologist?

    Or epidemiologist? Also, Do I need to go back and study matrix algebra in detail? Thank you? What are your experiences?