quantitative analysis

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    Comparing quantitative protein information

    I have several samples containing quantitative information about thousands of proteins. How can I check whether they can be compared?
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    Novice researcher query - Please suggest some statistical methods to use for my 1st quantitative research

    Hey Stat Gurus, Please help me in forming the questionnaire for my research questions, This study wants to explore the following research questions, Whether block based coding provides confidence for the 1st time programmers to pursue programming in the future? Whether the block based coding...
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    How to JOINTLY perform multiple imputation with normal dataset and multiple response sets in SPSS? And right kind of Cluster analysis for binary data?

    down votefavorite (Unfurtuntely i can't upload the excel file ,can't find the button) Please im begging anybody’s help because im an mba student in global hospitality and tourism management and my teacher is unable to help I have purchase the spss premium version so I can use all its features I...
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    Which test should I use? (Questionnaire analysis)

    Dear all I just received all questionnaire responses but I am not sure which test is the best for analyzing the data. The questionnaires were distributed to two groups, one is for successful candidates; another one is for the unsuccessful candidates. Most of the data is nominal, and my...
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    How to I prove a rate is at least x% higher than the other?

    Suppose I have option 1 and option 2. Option 1 yields a success rate of 80%, option 2 yields a success rate of 70%. The samples are independent. A z test can reject the H0 hypothesis and I can conclude that option 1 has a higher success rate. My question is: if I use a lowered success rate...
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    Help with choosing a model

    Hello, I apologize if I am posting in the incorrect place. If so, could someone please direct me or move this thread? Or if something similar has been asked can someone link me to the thread? I am an accountant/finance guy and my knowledge of statistics and quant analysis is limited to...