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    Probability Question!

    The probability that a person in the United States has dark brown eye color is 18%. Three unrelated people in the United States are selected at random. a) What is the probability that all three have dark brown eye colour ? b) What is the probability that at least one person has dark brown eye...
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    Hierarchical Regression

    Hey Everyone, I'm certainly stressing out in regards to my MSc Thesis right now and I could certainly use your help. I am testing a IS success model. It consists of 9 constructs. I did a multiple regression analysis for all expected significant correlations (according to theory). The whole...
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    Help with what a question is asking

    I know how to calculate probabilities, but I want to make sure that I am understanding the question. "What is the probability that the Dow Jones Index will increase by more than 11% in the coming year?" and "What is the probability Dow (X) will decrease more than 11% in the coming...
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    Designing an experiment

    Could you plz answer this question? A firm is attempting to evaluate the quality of its sales staff and is trying to find an examination, or series of tests, that may reveal the potential for good performance in sales. The firm is proposing to select a random sample of salespeople and will...
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    Combining measures into 1 variable

    I have 2 variables, one that measures (just for an examples) state aggression, and 1 that measures trait aggression. The state measure was responded to on a 6 point likert scale. The trait one was measured on a 5 point likert scale. Someone suggested that I combine these into one variable to use...
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    Std. Error Multiple Regression Question

    Hi guys, I'm stuck at interpreting the stadard error. In single regression it's clear, it's just the average distance from the line. But I don't really understand what this looks like in multiple regression. Does the standart error depend on the estimate or do I have to look at it in an...
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    How to differentiate between a global and a local method?

    Hello, I am trying to write a report based on prediction models and my topic requires me to cover one global method(regression for example) and a local method( nearest neighbour for example). I do not quite understand the term global and local in this context. Some help to explain these terms...
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    Simple Probability Question

    OK, so I am wondering about something and am not good with probability, but maybe someone here has the answer You have a die with only 4 sides, with the numbers 1-4 written on the sides. You roll the die 5 times. What is the probability of the number 2 showing up: Once? Twice? Three times...
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    Reason for your degree?

    Hey guys, I need a big favour from you all, if you wouldn’t mind. I have to put together a study for my Stats intro class and I was hoping to get some of the data from you all. :) The question is: Which reason has most influenced your degree choice: career aspirations, interest in the...
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    Probability Question (Ambiguous)

    SOLVED BY MYSELF, YOU CAN CLOSE THE THREAD :) Hi guys, I'm new to this forum, and some of you might find it annoying that I post a question straight off, but the assignment is due tomorrow and I have two different answers. I do promise to keep posting in threads (when I have something to say)...
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    Descriptive Statstics Question!!

    Hey guys, I need your help: I got following question: Six customers have Tested a new chocolate bar an have rated it on 0-10 scale (10=best) . Calculate the average rating based on how often the customers go shopping and how many chocolate bars they usually buy each time they go...
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    [STATA] One-sided postestimation test;

    Hello, how can one run a one-sided postestimation test in Stata, since the command 'test' performs a two-sided Wald Test? This is to test an alternative hypothesis b1 > 0 and b1 > -b3. Thank you so much!
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    Confusingly simple? Or just confused? PLEASE HELP!

    I am examining perceived social support and coping in a group of approximately 40 participants (about 20 participants in two groups) who all recieved an intervention to address loss, with data collected at pre (T1), post (T2), one month post (T3), and three months post (T4). I also have...
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    Two Stats problems that are confusing me

    Prove that AND Rewrite Any help would be appreciated, please & thank you!
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    Missing data.......Help needed!

    So I'm handling a database that uses the total sum of 41 variables as a measure. I created a new variable with the syntax command "compute" sum= 1+2+....+41. But when a particular individual has even 1 answer with missing data I end up with missing data in the sum computed variable (makes...
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    Hypothesis testing nominal data

    Hi all Just found this great website but unfortunately i cannot find a thread that can help me so here is my question. i got an assignment where the question is: "Examine if the market share of EDC is 25 %(real estate agent). If not, please indicate the size of the market share." So from...
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    Need help with a statistics project

    I need 100 people to answer this so I can do a school project. How many hours a week (7 days) do you play a musical instrument? 0, 1-2, 3-4, 5+. This does not include singing. Thank you! -Joe
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    basic lotto question

    Hi there, I was always confused with combinations etc but in most cases I was able to find my way out. But this one is really annoying me: Lotto game, possible numbers 1,2,...,49. You play with 6 numbers. What is the probability of actually getting all 6 correct? Easy one, since the...
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    Don't know where to begin??

    I'm writing a paper for my political science class. I am at a stand still because I am a complete beginner when it comes to statistical analysis. And could really do with some help. Here is my predicament. I have three parameters which I have recorded. Two of which are simple true or false...