random coefficient

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    ¿Any suggestions? GLM, HLM, MLM Problem

    I'm new to Multilevel modeling and currently I been working on a business project and its data is related to multilevel modeling. I know a lot of things about how to approach this problem, but I will do my reasoning so you can tell me if it is ok or wrong. So I need a mind that know this type of...
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    A particular type of random coefficient regression

    Hi all, I have the model of type Y_i=Beta_0_i+Beta_1_i*X1_i+...+Beta_k_i*X_k_i, for i=1:n There is no error term in this model, but for each person the betas are from a multivariate distribution. I am ultimately interested in estimating the vector of mean for betas. If we rearrange...
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    Panel Data Analysis, Help Urgently Needed! Fixed & Random effects, Fama MacBeth etc.

    Hi, I have the following panel dataset: 11 years of annual data with a total of 250 observations. The panel is highly unbalanced, in the beginning years only few observations, while the last years make up the most of the observations. For instance, in year 1 I have only 6 observations, while...