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    Difference between samples in terms of frequency ranks

    I have 3 different texts, and for each one of them, I have the frequencies of 25 letters appearing in those texts (Text A, letter A, freq = 5013; Text A, letter B, freq = 1462,...). These texts have different, and not normal distributions. I would like to know, if there's any significant...
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    Wilcoxon Signed- Rank Test vs Kruskal Wallis vs One Way Anova? Which one to use.

    Dear forum Professors, I am conducting a research to rank the importance of certain elements within a property management framework. Would like to know which test is best to help me rank the items. The methodology is as follows: (n = 300) I will be sending out questionnaires with roughly...
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    Stores and ordered rank of products

    I have data about popularity of some products in some stores. For each of the stores I have only a ordered rank of best-selling products in them. I need help how to find information about which products are popular only in certain stores versus products that are popular in all stores.
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    Outcome is Ranking Variable--What is the best test?

    Hi all, I am working with a dataset in which the outcome is a rank or an ordered variable. Essentially, participants are given some information that they can read, and they choose the order in which they read it. The context is that they are able to view eight different snippets of this...
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    How to compare multiple testers wine ratings?

    Newbie alert! Problem description: I have 20 wines and 6 tasters. Each taster ranks the wines from 1 to 20. Question: How do I test the hypothesis that the taster's rankings were the same? Many thanks!
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    Analysing ranked answers