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    My recode just does not work, anyone who can help me?

    I have done this before and I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I need to create a dummy variable but it just refuses to recode the last numbers in to the second column. So what i do is i write recode logmag (0/2.772589=1)(2.833213/5.010635=2),gen(logmag_new) Then what it does it that it...
  2. R

    Why does SPSS exclude 0-values after recoding with IF (ANY 1, var) ? Frequency tables only showing 1 and missing.

    Hi everyone! There is something strange going on with SPSS after recoding/making a new variable. I hope someone can help me! I want to make a new variable, say I would call it NEWVARIABLE. Then I want NEWVARIABLE to be 1, if ANY of the following variables has 1 (yes): D105A, D105B, D105C...
  3. N

    Recoding/transforming problem

    Hello everyone, As a very begginer in SPSS I would ask you for help with some transformation from table A into table B. I have to recode values of "brand" variable into columns and make 0-1 variables. I can do it in this particular case in this simple way: compute GREEN_CARE=0. compute...
  4. L

    Transforming Data - New Values for Multiple Variables

    I am new to SPSS, and plagued by the concern that it is applying the new values (set up, of course, separately and unique to each variable) in error across the board to both variables in question (I'm only looking at two right now). Even if only one variable is selected, or in the "Numeric...
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    How to compute variable as a range between 2 formulas?

    I'm really stuck. I have two variables: Observed and Recommended. How do I compute a new variable that =1 when Observed is greater than Recommended*.10 but less than Recommended*.25? I've tried different things in Compute Variable but it doesn't seem to be right. Please help.
  6. T

    reversed, inverted items... MANOVA

    Do I necessarily need to recode my inverted (negatively worded) items before running a MANOVA? I am running the MANOVA on all items of a questionnaires to see if there is a general difference between two groups ( Hotelling's T?) and will analyse the item level afterwards. I do not fully...
  7. L

    SPSS coding question

    Hi everyone. I'm a little confused as to how I'm supposed to recode a specific item based on the coding of the item proceding it using SPSS. I've attached the specific case I'm referring to to this post - it's Item 8 from the SF-36 health survey. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
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    How to convert years into relative years in spss?

    I sort my data according to ID in ascending order and then according to year in descending order. firm years with the same ID belong to the same firm. Imagine a firm has got 5 year observations, 2009, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004. I would like to transform them into a new variable called relative...
  9. A

    How to compute this variable in SPSS?

    I want to compute 'status inconsistency' by having all respondents together with a higher degree + a job that doesnt require a higher degree. The variables: 1. JOB (yes(1) or no(2)): does your job require a higher education? 2. EDUC: Your highest education achievend So I gotta have JOB as 2...
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    Vertical-Format longitudinal dataset: Fill in missing values for cases

    Hi all, I am running some growth curve analysis in SPSS. My data is in the vertical/stacked format. There are 6 entries for each person since we measures six points in time. HOWEVER, my model won't run because there is too much missing data. This is because for the demographic data...
  11. D

    Duplicate cases into a new variable

    hello, I'm trying to create a new variable that takes cases from another variable. It has to do so that the first case of the old variable is placed in cases 1-26 of the newvariable. The value of case number 2 of the old variable placed in cases 27-53 of the newvariable. I tried to give a...
  12. E

    Help with extracting a piece of information from a variable

    Hello everyone. I'm looking to extract a specific piece of one variable and create a new variable with just that piece of info. Specifically, I've got full addresses and I want just the zip code. Parsing doesn't work because the addresses are of varying lengths: Address...
  13. J

    Recoding a Recoded Variable

    Friends, I have transformed 380 "occupation" variables into a new variable (occnew) with just 22 categories (such as skilled labor, professionals, domestic labor, etc.). I find now that I made a couple of crucial mistakes when inputting the data but can't figure out how to correct it. In other...
  14. T

    recoding value labels within a variable

    Is there a way to change multiple value labels within one variable to the same value label without going through each case one by one? I have successfully combined many values into a new file by selecting cases using the "if" function, but the new file still retains old value labels. SO -...
  15. M

    Searching for individual numbers within a multi-digit response

    I have a numeric variable that contains all combinations of 1 through 6 (e.g. 12, 124, 34, 6, 56, etc). I want to create a new dichotomous variable based on whether a certain number is within these combinations of numbers. For example, if I have: 12 134 45 16 I want to be able to create a new...
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    syntax help with complex variable "recoding"?

    I am new to using syntax in spss, and am having difficulty with the following: -I have a variable ("SES") that I would like to define by multiplying 2 other variables (out of 4 possible), but I would like to "choose" which 2 to use based on which is a larger number. I tried the following...