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    Dynamic regression

    Hi everybody, i would be happy if you could help me with my statistics =) I do a dynamic model to check the influence of the weekdays/weekend behavior in mobilitychanges based on google data. For this i use R-Studio. I tried as followed: dynlm(y_w ~ L(y_w,1) + L(D,0)) y_w is my data of the...
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    Compare dummy variables in a regression analysis (not to baseline but among each other) ?

    For my regression, I have a variable that has 5 levels (5 different government interventions). Since, I cannot assume the distances between the levels to be the same, I had to split the variable into 4 dummy variables. Now I get statistical information about the direct comparison between each of...
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    Reference category in multinomial logistic regression

    Hello! My question concerns the effect of base category on the estimates of multinomial logistic regression. Does the choice of reference category influence the log likelihood and thus estimates of model fit and performance, such as pseudo-R2? Or is pseudo-R2 independent of the category chosen...
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    Weighting variables in a questionnaire

    Hi all, I am trying to develop a medical questionnaire to predict the presence or absence of pain. The questionnaire comprises of 4 different components, usually an overall score would be derived by adding each component together eg A + B + C + D. However, this approach doesn't consider the...
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    Help With The Preffered Package Type Assessment

    Hello there to everyone! I have the question concerning the underlying data analysis methodology. Here is the small introduction. There is a data from the e-commerce site about its customers' purchases and there are 875 observations total. Each observation consists of 5 values. Scales of value...
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    will high correlation between covariates in a regression model invalidate t-stat?

    deleted. I figured it out. Thank you.