regresion analysis

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    How2interpret inconsistent Beta values in different steps of hierarchical regression?

    I did hierarchical regression analysis on my data due to having moderation effects in my research model. R2 increased from .695 in model1 (main effect only) to .734 in model2 (main &interaction effects)(sig. F change = .000). All the assumptions for the regression analysis have been met. I...
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    non-linear regression time response model

    Hi I need to choose a non linear regression model for, protein phosphorylation over time response, for this kind of data Is not like enzyme kinetics, the michaelis menten model does not behave properly, becouse, I am not dealing with a susbtrate concentration, instead I got a signal...
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    Help with statistical test.

    Hello all: I'm new to the forum and new to statistics. I'm a student doing a research on User Acceptance of Technology using a model known as UTAUT. I don't know how to conduct the appropriate statistical test to answer the hypothesis in my research. I've only taken a couple of statistic...