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    Help with creating a model!?

    I want to create a model that assesses the effect of Drone usage (binary) in transporting medical samples to laboratories on Treatment Success (also binary). I was thinking: Dependent: TS = treatment success, so either successful or unsuccessful. Independent: TAT = turnaround time = the...
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    Regression Analysis - Stadium Trip - Least Miles

    Hello All, I recently took an MBA class in Regression and fell in love. Was wondering if I could get some help in creating a regression analysis for this stadium trip I want to plan next year. Goal is to go to every baseball stadium in the US and watch one game per day then travel to the next...
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    Multivariate outliers

    Hi, I hope some of you can help me a bit - or share what you would do. I've been working on my master thesis and I can't get my head around how I should treat outliers. I have a moderation analysis, and I checked for all detection possibilities in SPSS (cook's, leverage and Mahalanobis..). I...
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    Generalized linear model for cost data in spss

    Hi guys, I urgently need your help on this: I want to apply a generalized linear model (GLM) to compare adjusted costs between 2 or more groups of patients, let’s say the name of this group variable is “cohort” (please check the photo). What is a correct way to do this in SPSS? Is it correct to...
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    The difference between R squared and adjusted R squared

    if your R squared - 0.999 and adjusted R squared = 0.998 what can you infer from this difference (lack of difference) in a multiple regression model with two variables. Would it be anything to do with multicollinearity?