regression analysis

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    Problematic variables in regression model

    I'm using data from from a publicly available Europe-wide survey of employees which was conducted over a series of waves from 1991-2010. The survey changed slightly each time. Unfortunately there's a question about childcare that is really important, which changed considerably (initially it...
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    Clarifying collinearity

    I am trying to run a regression model where the Y is concentration and predictors are stove type (e.g., stove1, stove 2, stove 3) and fuel type (e.g., wood, crop waste, LPG). Stove 3 uses only the fuel type LPG, while Stove 1 and Stove 2 use wood and crop waste. When conducting the multiple...
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    Using a kurtosis statistic as a dependent variable

    Hi everyone, I am working on a research project in public policy and I am testing kurtosis for on the year-to-year budget changes (as %) in different policy areas. In the literature we know there will more than likely be L-kurtosis so I want to take it one step further. I would like to...
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    Correlation between two non stationary time series

    Hey everyone, I'm trying to figure out if there is significant correlation between two non stationary time series (e.g. temperature on a a given day and icecream sales). Could someone please propose a method. There are so many different methods i read about online im not sure which to go...
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    Extend economics thesis with multivariate analysis

    Dear all, Working on my Master Thesis I got the remark from my supervisor that I have to extend the research with a multivariate analysis. I have been looking at literature, text books and different forums how to approach this, but could not find any usefull sugestions. If anyone could help...
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    Looking for a good beginners guide to Regression Analysis using Excel

    I am looking for a good beginners guide to Regression Analysis using Excel. Any recommendations? Thanks!
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    Hello TS... Howdy.... Help me ... Thanks in advance...

    I am Achyut Sarma B, a final year student pursuing bachelors in Computer Sciences from Amrita University, Coimbatore, India. I am new to data sciences but am being fascinated by it and it's ways to solve real world business problems. Here are some problems that are really annoying me since the...
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    Dgrees of freedom of error sum of squares

    For a given metal a experiment was carried out to measure the heat variation with temperature in Celsius.The heat was measured twice at each chosen temperature. If the chosen temperatures are 30,40,75,85,90 Then there would be total of 10 observations(2 for each temperature).In order...
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    categorical variables in regression analysis and interaction terms

    I am learning multiple regression with categorical variables and in a book I came across this problem. For yield of corn suppose there are two factors affecting, nitrogen level and depth of ploughing. Say there are three nitrogen categories(1,2,3) and two depth categories(1,2). There's...
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    Interaction terms in regression-theory

    I am learning categorical variables and interaction terms in the regression course and there few things I don't understand. Suppose a salary data set with predictors experience X in years Education coded 1 for diploma , 2 for degree, 3 for higher degree Management M coded as 1 for a...
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    Dependent variable in regression model - sum of factors?

    I got across below article due to one of our student used it for the brand loyalty measure. I have a hard time to understand what is the dependent variable in this regression model - I did not find it explicitly mentioned...
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    validity of regression assumptions on residual plot

    I am learning regression course.For a homework given the residual plot I have to analyze it.This is how I interpreted it.I want to know if there are any wrong interpretations. 1)Since the variability at each x is not the same,there is non constant variance. 2)The residuals are not randomly...
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    Regression - I'm Stuck! Feedback PLEASE...Thanks!

    figured it out now.
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    Hello there, I have data set of 5846 observations out of which 15 observations are outliers. I need to perform multiple linear regression which as I know is highly sensitive to outliers. Do I have to filter those 15 outliers out or they will not mess up my analysis, since the number of...
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    Regression analyses and mediation with not normally distributed control variable HELP

    I am measuring the relationship between an IV and DV and whether two other variables mediated/predicted this relationship. All are normally distributed. I also collected the 'age' of the participants as a control variable, which turned out to show two distinct sample populations (18-25, and 26+)...
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    Regression analysis or ANOVA for unequal sample sizes

    Hello everyone :) First I want to apologize for my Eniglish, I´m not a native speaker. I am currently working on a research for school purposes, as I can´t write what my research is about I describe example equal to my research: I study relationship between eating bananas and extraversion...
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    Boosted regression versus OLS regression

    Dear all I am working on estimating a linear model using boosting regression technique to estimate the parameters. This is a slightly different method than the OLS estimator. the boosting technique is useful when i have a model to estimate and a pool of explanatory variables of which i want...
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    Need method for analysing two sets of time course data

    Hello, I have two sets of time course data, they are for an eye-tracking study. The data is 20 100ms chunks, one category being percent fixations for canonical sentences, and the other being percent looks for non-canonical sentences. I would like to curve fit this (I believe the logistic curve...
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    Using Regression Analysis to Map requirement Request to developers

    Pls i need help on how to use regression analysis to map requirement request to the software developers....Pls its urgent! anybody got an idea on how suitable this is should pls reply. Thanks much!
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    Fixing multicollinearity in panel data regression

    Hey guys. It's a big question in short format; I have data from 42 countries over 12 years and one of my independent variables is GDP (transformed by ln). I have a few other macro level variables and I would like to run some pooled models but I run into trouble - I have a lot of...