regression analysis

  1. C

    SPSS Complex Problem or at least it seems as such

    Here is the issue. I ran a logistic regression a time variable (time to surgery) had a trend of increased infection. Great right. Done? No. This is where SPSS gets tricky and why I might just abort back to SAS like I do sometimes. But lets see. I ran a graph for cumulative infection count...
  2. U

    Linear vs nonlinear regression doubt

    Hello, I am currently working on a study about how much time a chess engine should think per move in a chess game. The inputs (known data) would be how much time is left (in seconds), the evaluation of the engine (centipawns) and the move that is being made. My question is: is it a multiple...
  3. M

    How to split residuals into groups for the Brown-Forsythe test

    I have the following data id 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 num. responses 16 14 22 10 14 17 10 13 19 12 18 11 cost 77 70 85 50 62 70 55 63 88 57 81 51 I fitted the linear regression model and I got the following residuals: 5.22478992, 4.76260504, -6.38865546...
  4. T

    Interpretation of my results (Significance varies a lot)

    Hi, I have a problem with the interpretation of my results from a multiple linear regression. I want to evaluate the impact of a policy change (X) on an economic indicator (Y) and have included various covariates in the regression (6). The policy change occurred in 2015 and I have data from...
  5. K

    Variable that should appear significant is insignificant

    As part of my University research project, I have decided to study the impact of Immigration on house prices but find that the immigration Variable that should be statistically significant according to literature appears to be insignificant. I don't know whether this was down to the method I...
  6. P

    Regression Analysis for Survey Data on SPSS (For a beginner)

    Hello Everyone, I am very new to SPSS so forgive me if my questions seem overly simple. I am conducting a survey based research project. My dependent variable contains 2 response options: Likely or Not Likely (0 or 1) The independent Variables I am interested in are: Age Category (20-29...
  7. J

    Dummy Variable Help

    Hi, I require checking on how I constructed these dummy variables and see If I did them correctly. Firstly, the data. Time period (1-30) of the study (from 3/18/51 to 7/11/53) Year within the study (0 = 1951, 1 = 1952, 2 = 1953 The first attachment is the set of original data and the second...
  8. P

    OLS Regression Output interpretation (really urgent)

    Hi guys, I have the following output and I really need your help with this: The questions are: a) Regressor X3 is a dummy variable (X3 = 1 if individual belongs to group 1). What interpretation can you give to the corresponding coefficient? b) The dependent variable was generated by the...
  9. S

    How to use a regression equation?

    I have a regression model with 11 predictors developed by a researcher. Among the 11 predictors, in a different dataset, I have 7 of them. How can I modify the previous regression model and account for the 7 predictors only? I know I can develop a new regression model. However, I want to know...
  10. R

    Only Time Fixed Effects for Cross-Sectional Data

    Hi Talkstats-Community. I have been browsing around but couldnt find an answer to my problem. Hopefully you might be able to help me on this. I have a dataset with funds that were launched in the last 40 years and the final performance that they achieved until they were liquidated. This means I...
  11. E

    B value in regression analysis

    Hi all, Please bear with me here. I am new and I also am only learning about statistics & regression analysis. One question about the interpretations of regression coefficient in multiple regression models. I have one variable which comes statistically significant. However it is wrong way...
  12. Frank Magique

    Controlling for response bias where all goals are positively related to well-being: regression or mean-centering?

    Hi, I am conducting a study where I've asked participants to rate how much they aspire towards 13 different life goals and want to know how upholding these various goals is related to well-being. However, it has been noted in the literature - and my data shows this as well - that essentially...
  13. R

    Problems with the significance of a subset

    I have performed a hedonic regression with a database where all the variables are very significant and according to the calculations made in R with a squared R = 0.61. the same regression for a subset of this database when they met a certain condition, and the result has been that many of the...
  14. A

    Ordinal logit regression with ordinal dependent and independent variables

    My question is very straightforward. I have different ordinal independent variables (with 4 or 3 categories), and I am trying to regress those on different ordinal and nominal variables. I want help on how I could interpret the coefficients and the odd ratios, even though on the picture I attach...
  15. Z

    Estimating share of fixed and variable costs

    Hi, I would like to estimate to what degree (e.g. 20% fixed) the costs of e.g. a central function like HR develop with the growth of e.g. Revenue within a company. My first though would be a regression for estimating HR costs Y if sales (X) go up by $1. However I'm supposed to classify HR costs...
  16. A

    Multivariate regression on 11 patients

    It might have sens to perform a multiple linear regression on 11 patients to understand if the symptoms influence the speed of growth?
  17. J

    Distribution of DV in multiple OLS regression

    Hello, I am running a multiple linear OLS regression on a DV with the following frequency distribution. The DV is the mean of 5 Likert-scale items (thus, pseudo-metric as common in social sciences). I know that the DV does not have to be normally distributed in multiple linear OLS regression...
  18. R

    Other remedial measures for multicollinearity?

    I have log transform my model already, choose per capita variables but multicollinearity is still a problem. I plan to drop the variable which has the highest vif (over 200)... however, I read somewhere that I will be subjected to specification error/bias. I need to address this one since...
  19. M

    Difference in Difference Method

    Hi guys! For some research we ran a regression analysis in Stata using the Difference in Difference method. this method uses a controlling group of countries to neutralise other effects than the effect of change in regulations. Afterwards we manipulated the data deviding it through year 2011...
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