regression equation

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    Hello everybody! Can someone explain me how to consider the terms " 1(Xi > 0) " and the error term €i in the expression below ? This relationship comes from the article "Dealing with the log of zero in regression models" Dealing with the Log of Zero in Regression Models by Christophe...
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    linear regression - modelling dependent variables

    I'm trying to estimate the value of an apartment, by doing a regression through similar apartments. The regression model looks now like this lmRob(price ~ ., data = data) , but this is clearly wrong. My problem is modelling variables which are depending on each other. For example floor...
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    Validity of the regression equation.

    Along with this post, I have attached a screenshot of my assignment and I am confused about the validity of regressions equations. I plotted linear and exponential trend lines and got the regression equations. When I tried to verify the equations by substituting x-values in those equations, I...
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    Stepwise Regression in R Forward

    I came across this post which has some information about forward stepwise regression. However, I don't quite understand the solution. I was wondering if someone is able to explain what the code is doing?:)
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    Comparing regression equations

    Hello! I have a question about how to compare regression equations and regression coefficients. I have data set A with n data points, and two possible predictor data sets, X and Y, that cannot be combined in one equation, i.e., X is one way of explaining A, and Y is a different way. My...
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    Moderator regression: plotting graphs from multiple product terms

    This is my first time posting, so apologies if I don't make sense. I've conducted a hierarchical regression analysis. I have multiple IVs whereby there is controllability of weight (IV1) and two representing 'values for thinness' (IV2 and IV3 respectively) predicting levels of prejudice (DV)...
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    Appropriate model for (repeated) data

    I have some cross-sectional data, where I'm interested in estimating a relationship between the "number of items in use" in sector i of country j and the size of that sector (represented by spending power). There are other control variable. However, I have six (6) sectors and 52 countries. This...
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    Manual entry of an existing regression equation possible ? Which software? JMP ?

    Hi, Do you know what (preferrably free/ free trial) software allows u to manually enter a desired regression equation? (and then calculate R-squared and other statistics based on it?) I already have the equation i wish to investigate. Every software i've come across doesn't seem to allow...
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    Interval independent variable in binary logistic regression

    Hi everyone: I am a bit new to logistic regression and I could use some advice. I am trying to discover the influence of various variables on voting turnout in an election study. Although I have one problem: The household income variable is coded as interval variable with 16 categories, each...
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    Lines of regression

    Im little confused with the following. there are 12 patients, each is assigned assigned an index I when first administered depending on the severity of their symptoms. Each then administered a drug and 30 days later they are given another index F which will hopefully be lower than I if they...
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    Creating "score" --> by adding ORs?

    I have created a prognostic model using logistic regression. It predicts diabetes based on 6 independent variables (age, sex BMI, etc). I understand that Exp(Xi) = Odds Ratio of each (risk) factor in the model. I also understand that the probability of diabetes = exp(bo+ bi Xi) /((exp(bo +...
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    Cross check the regression equation correctness

    People, i have this problem From the following data obtain the two regression equations Sales 06 02 10 04 08 Purchase09 11 05 08 07 i calculated and got two regression equations which i want to verify whether they are correct or not by applying some reverse mechanisms I want to...