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    probability for two replication

    Suppose that a sample of size n is to be chosen randomly (without replacement) from an urn containing N balls, of which m are white and N-m are black. If we let X denote the number of white balls selected, then the probability of getting exactly i white balls is...
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    Utilizing Individual Data Points in an ANOVA, Reliability, Replication

    Hi all. Suppose you are conducting a study with n=10 subjects. Each subject runs through a behavioural experiment for treatment A and treatment B, and several data points are collected. Before conducting the ANOVA, an AVERAGE score is calculated for each subject based on all their...
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    Definition of replications vs treatments (factorial design question)

    I see on wikipedia replication is "the repetition of the set of all the treatment combinations to be compared in an experiment. Each of the repetitions is called a replicate" but I think of each combination of factor levels as different treatments, how are these different? If there is a 2^2...
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    ANOVA R code for generalized randomized block design

    Does anyone know how to write R code for an ANOVA using a generalized randomized block design? I have two blocks (random) and three treatments (fixed) each with two reps at each block. I know the RCBD code is aov(object~Block*Trt), but I'm not sure how to specify the error term for the GRBD.