1. V

    Report effect size?

    Hi, I am new to this forum and my knowledge about statistic is pretty basic. So beforehand I thank you for your help. In my research I used non parametric tests to compare two groups´ academic performance. It had a quasi-experimental design where the groups were not randomly selected but were...
  2. N

    Picking up a sample size of customers the statistics way?

    Dear members, I have a large group of our customers who have transacted with us once. I would like pick up a sample group of customers from this available group mentioned above for an experiment. The experiment I would like to do is I would like to gain insights in their behavior as to...
  3. R

    Help in determining a proper statistical test an approach for research question

    Ik have a problem in determining the right statistical test for my research. First I will give some background information. I want to research the impact of IFRS(regulatory change) on audit fees(fees payed to external auditors). This change was mandatory in the year 2005. I will use several...
  4. D

    Help choosing a statistical method for data analysis

    Hi everyone! I am working on a hypothetical research proposal for a sensation and perception class and I need help with the data analysis section of the paper. My hypothesis it that people who have been blind for longer than five years have better tactile acuity than those who have been blind...
  5. T

    2X2X2 design.. what statistics should I use?

    Hi, I am doing a research with a 2X2X2 design: Between subjects (Positive Mood VS Negative Mood) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 1 VS Negative Stimuli 2) Within subjects (Positive Stimuli 2 VS Negative Stimuli 2) I have a range of dependent variables including response time/ decision...
  6. I

    What is booster sampling?

    We are doing convenient sampling rather than random sampling for a research that we are conducting. The authority is concerned about the reliability of the sampling. They have suggested that we look into booster sampling. Can any of you please let us know more on this? or redirect to...
  7. N

    Use of a credible source

    Hi, I am trying do a little research about movies and I will need to know studios, budgets, run time etc, and I was wondering, if it is credible to use to find all data or should I find other sources for some of the data? thanks!
  8. M

    What test should I use to analyze my data?

    I'm currently a fourth year university student. As part of my studies, I'm taking a class called Capstone, where students design and carry out a research project. An essential part of formulating this researchm is choosing a statistical procedure with which to analyze and present your results...
  9. D

    Question on 2-way ANOVA stat use and interpretation

    Hi everyone! I am currently working on publishing an article from my Masters thesis. I had real trouble with the statistics section which was also pointed out by the markers. I was hoping to get some advice on how I could make this section clearer, concise, and overall of a better quality...
  10. trinker

    Where to send an education methods piece

    I'm writing a piece that introduces a new correlation like measure between time periods. I would like to get this one published somewhere. The problem... My mentors are qualitative people. Generally the work I read is qualitative (my field is very qual) and so my exposure to journals with...
  11. Y

    markov inequality property question

    Dear All, As you know that markov inequality property is: My question is that valid that to use invariant of this property in the reverse way, I mean is the following is true ? : P(X<=a) >= E(X)/a I appreciate your help. Thanks Yahia
  12. K

    T-test or one-way ANOVA? Please help!

    My research study proposal title is: "Acute effects of aerobic exercise compared with standard medicinal treatments on the dysregulation of the HPA axis in women with post partum depression" So basically I'm looking at exercise versus medication as a treatment for postpartum depression. I...
  13. M

    Want to be researcher- needs help

    Hello all! I am currently designing my first research project and am confused on what to do after I have my data. I have a basic understanding of Stats, but need direction. I am a music therapist and am designing a research project examining the effect of music to reduce children's anxiety...
  14. D

    Interpretation of coefficient differences across sample groups (please help!?)

    Hello! Before I start the whole story, I am going to sumamrize my main question beforehand so the story will hopefully make more sense. Mainly, I want to now how to interpret the results of a regression which I ran in a manner requested by my professor. Next, I would want to know how to...
  15. R

    Undergrad Research Ideas

    I'm an undergrad studying Linguistics and Computer Science, and I'm hoping to do some stats-related research this quarter. The problem is, my stats knowledge is very limited. I've only taken AP Stats (way back in high school) and I just finished an upper-division Intro to Probability Theory...
  16. B

    Mahalanobis distance in spss

    please show me how to generate mahalanobis distances using spss
  17. L

    Model building question-Is the researcher right?

    I'm thinking about a researcher who made the following statement about a model(upon criticism of his interpretation of the data). "There is a number of these univariate correlations in the data that do not fit the model (out of the thousands, there would be)"-researcher Basically my...
  18. H

    Help on a project!!!

    I am doing a school project and trying to find a relationship between government deficit/GDP (dependent variable) and inflation, interest rate, employment rate(three independent variable). After I did some test in gretl, the linear regression model passed REMSEY test for non-linearity, but...
  19. J

    Cronbach's alpha with weighted data

    Hi I have a test whose reliability I want to calculate, using Cronbach's alpha. The first 18 questions are scored 0 or 1 (right or wrong). The final 7 questions are scored 0, 1 or 2 (because they are not dichotomously right or wrong, there exists a 'half right' possibility). Is it correct...