1. G

    mlogit: restrict coefficient of alternative-invariant variable to be equal for alt

    Hi. For evaluating a choice experiment I estimate a conditional logit model with mlogit in R . The output looks like this: Call: mlogit(RES ~ Money + X1a + X1b + X2a + X2b | Age, data = CE, reflevel = "C", shape = "long", alt.var = "ALT", method = "nr", print.level = 0) Frequencies...
  2. spunky

    range of possible values for regression coefficients given another one?

    i feel like the answer to my question is a 'no' but i'll ask it anyway just to be absolutely sure. say you have 3 variables X, Y and Z each one with some correlation r_{xy}, r_{yz}, r_{xz}. we know from the formula of the determinant of the correlation matrix that if, for instance, r_{xy} and...
  3. N

    Restriction of range

    Is it possible to control for restriction of range in SPSS and if so, how?