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    SAS help regarding putting observation Together. Please help

    Here is the raw data: name var1 var2 var3 startdate enddate jack x y z 01jan2012 01jan2012 jack x y z 02jan2012 02jan2012 jack x y z 03jan2012 03jan2012 jack x y z 04jan2012 04jan2012 jack x y...
  2. G

    sum in column by date

    Hi all, I have a small problem which is holding me back and I cannot figure it out. In a dataset I need to calculate the sum of variable "value" and put the result in a new variable "result". The problem is, that the calculation needs to be done by id and date. Every id can have multiple...
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    Cumulative Sumation

    Hello, I want to calculate cumulative sum of a column. To calculate column B via A A B 5 5 10 15 5 20 10 30 20 50 5 55 10 65 What would be the easiest way in SAS?