roc curves

  1. U

    Is multidimensional ROC Curve Analysis a thing?

    Hi, I'm a student of statistics and right now, in my course, we're studying validation of diagnostic tests. While learning about ROC Curves and AUC, I was wondering if does considering ROC Curves in the multivariate context make sense, and if so, how's the analysis performed and which are the...
  2. victorxstc

    ROC curve from an array of Confusion Matrices (true positive rate and false positive rate)

    How can us create an ROC curve from confusion matrices?
  3. S

    ROC Curves

    Good Morning, I have a problem that may perhaps be very simple, but I keep getting very stuck and very frustrated. I'm trying to produce ROC curves for my data. My data set is for each year: Outbreak Data - date and location of disease occurrence Warning Data - date and location...
  4. R

    2 roc curves (from a study with 2 biomarkers) in one curve

    Hy, I have a problem about solving something in R. It's about 2 roc curves of a 2 biomarkers... and I have to plot it in one curve and calculate the AUC under the roc curve without using logistic regression. Exist a package in R to do that? How cand I solve it? This is what i done, plotting...
  5. F

    Compare 2 tests - Bland Altman vs. area under curve

    Hello, I want to compare the performance of 2 binary classification tests (positive vs. negative diagnosis) from the same sample (n=430). I have read about the Bland-Altman method and also about comparing the area under the ROC curves. Although the two methods of comparison are completely...