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    Calculating Commission on Sales

    My objective is to present a report which shows each agent’s name, the total sales amount for that agent for the month and the commission earned based on the commission policy. Here is more context for you: Based on the document, the Commission Policy tells you how an agent's commission is...
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    Testing when one year's sales volumes vary significantly from this time last year

    Hi all, I have a puzzle regarding sales volumes and how to know whether, 6-months into the year, for example, my current volume is on track for budget or not. E.g. it might be -5% off where I need to be to be matching a profile based on last years figures but scaled to hit my target for this...
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    Averages of sales analysis

    Hi! I've conducted an experiment in a supermarket with music in which I had 3 situations: 1. No music 2. Soft music 3. Loud music I changed the situation every 3 hours during 6 days. Now the problem is that I did not recieve the right data from the manager. I wanted to get all of the...