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    Likert Scale Computation

    Hello, i have a likert scale questionnaire where respondents will ranked questions 1(Strongly Agree)-6(Disagree). the research is about comparing two software applications on which users prefer using. Problem is how will i compute for the data and how will i compare them. i have only...
  2. F

    How to combine single Likert items into one scale? (Time-sensitiv)

    Hello, I have a very time-sensitive question: I am replicating a theory that uses 12 Likert items to measure three latent variables (4 items per latent variable). Also in my study I use these 12 likert items that measure three latent variables. Every latent variables is measured by 4...
  3. R

    Producing plots where axis are to same scale

    Hello, I'm trying to produce a plot of topography, and I want distance (x) to be plotted to the same scale as elevation (y), so that n units on the x axis equal the same length as n units on the y axis. I've had a go as below: plot(Point,CElev, asp=1, type="l" )...