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    Interpreting scaling vs centring vs normalizing negative binomial model

    Hello, I'm a bit confused between the difference between scaling and centring in a negative binomial regression. My model looks like this: invertebrate abundance= Year +shoot count + epiphyte biomass(g) + epiphyte bio*shoot count Years: 2015, 2016 Shoot count range:1-30 Epiphyte bio...
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    Scaling variables in regression

    If you need to scale variables in order to get the correct effect size and beta weight for each variable, does this mean you also scale for both categorical and continuous variables? For example: Model1=lm(DV ~ X + Y + Z) In the above equation, is it correct to scale for x/y/z or would...
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    Scaling the rows of a matrix

    I'm facing a problem while scaling(z-transform) the row values of a numeric data matrix,using the following code: rm(list=ls()) set.seed(12345) my.mat <- matrix(rnorm(120,0,0.5),nrow=6,byrow=TRUE) rownames(my.mat) <- paste("s",1:6,sep="") colnames(my.mat) <- paste("g",1:20,sep="")...