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    Regression and seasonality

    I am running a multiple linear regression analysis to show how different demand factors affect demand of juice. My independent variables are price, temperature, competitor price, feature space and competitor feature space. However, I know there is an element of seasonality which is affecting the...
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    Beginning and end of rainy season. How to?

    Hi all, This is a beginner's question, I apologize for that. I have taken Descriptive Statistics and I am on my why to Probability and later Inferential Statistics. But I have a burning question. No, this is not homework or an kind of assignment, but a confusion I cannot shake off. I...
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    Date as a Covariate

    Hi, I am looking at the effect of various weather variables on sub-population size of a certain species of snake. Sub-population size at the study site over the active period follows a quadratic shape increasing in the spring to a peak in the summer and drops in the fall. Temperature during that...