sensitivity analysis

  1. G

    Sensitivity & Specificity Analysis

    Hello, I have carried out sensitivity and specificity analysis on two neuropsychological tests to determine their utility in detecting impairment (mild cognitive impairment/Alzheimer's disease) relative to controls. The tests show opposite profiles: one has a sensitivity of 83.3% and...
  2. T

    Change of statistical significance when excluding heterogenic studies?

    Hi all, I have performed a meta-analysis and found a certain pooled effect with 95% CI that was not statistically significant (p>0.05). Consequently, I have done a sensitivity analysis for which I have excluded studies that contributed most to heterogeneity. In order to do so I used the...
  3. R

    propensity matching and ITT for cohort study

    I am reviewing a cohort study that used a retrospective database to determine if treatment with hypothermia post cardiac arrest improves survival to discharge. They used what seems like fairly robust propensity matching analysis. However they then adjusted afterwards again with sensitivity...
  4. hlsmith

    Sensitivity Analysis Resources

    I was wondering if any one had a good reference for Sensitivity Analysis. Some thing fairly simple. I typically use SAS, but any general reference would work. I have seen people just look at the effects and do a quick calculation and say this much unknown misclassification or unknown reverse...
  5. E

    Capture sums, not means, from individual iterations in a Monte Carlo simulation

    I am having difficulty setting up what should be a fairly straightforward application of the Monte Carlo Simulation function in SPSS 21. I have a dataset that includes hospitalization costs for a specific patient population. I set up a simulation that randomly selects a subset of cases based on...
  6. K

    Comparing two methods to measure disease severity

    I am testing a new, fast method to score disease severity in an animal model of a human disease. M appears to be less sensitive than the gold standard scoring method, G. G is discrete and has a range (0,1,2...20). M is continuous and varies from 0 to 1. The linear correlation coef between...
  7. J

    Monte Carlo Filtering-Sensitivity analysis. Model parameters need to be independent?

    HI! I'm running a Monte Carlo filtering analysis on a forest yield model. I'm not pretty sure if model parameters need to be independent (in my case they are not). Analysis results are based on a two-sided Smirnov test. Thanks a lot