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    Statistical comparisons for large sample sizes (n>1000)

    I am comparing the drug exposures across two different groups, consisting of 1000 simulated drug exposures per group. Drug exposures are continuous variables following a normal distribution. I want to know if different doses yield a statistically significant difference in mean drug exposure...
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    Set up simulation

    Dear all I want to replicate a prior research. data: for U.S. firms, many of them are followed by financial analysts, consider firm X that is followed by 3 analysts (A1, A2, A3). firm Y that is followed by 4 analysts (A1, A2, B1, B2). The authors use simulation identifying each...
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    Help on analysis of simulation results

    Hello. I am performing simulations on a project (changing durations of activities randomly from lognormal distribution). I perform 100 simulation runs with different acitivity durations on the same project. Afterwards, I insert additional activities in the project schedule and run 100...