slope analysis

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    Time series degree of slope: Calculating what I see

    Good morning Crew Genius! I want to calculate the degree of slope at each point in a time series. Different time series have different scales. The final number should be normalized in the range of +/-90 degrees. Basically, when I plot my time series in Excel, I can see the degree of slope up...
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    Senslope as a percentage

    Hi, I found a way to express the nonparametric senslope (which is a median slope joining all pairs of observations) by dividing the senslope by the same data mean value. I have done this for all observations (For example: number of injuries observed per quarter over 6 years). My question...
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    Moderation - Which Variable?

    Hi, I am running moderation analysis using regression in SPSS. I have read that when you have a significant moderation interaction either of the interacting IVs can be said to be the moderator. I am wondering if this is correct, or whether there is and indicator (other than theory) about which...