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    Help! What analysis should be performed on a dataset like this?

    I'm sorry but I really need help on how to perform an analysis on these data. This dataset, in which is studied the number of calories emitted during exercise on 24 observations (subjects), consists of three variables, all quantitative: ho (heat output) is the dependent variable and is the...
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    Non-parametric test with confounding factors (many covariates)

    First, sorry for my English, if I'm not clear enough, tell me! In my project, I have many variables but a very small sample (non-parametric). I'm trying to prove a link between two variables while correcting for covariates. In short, we are looking at white matter tracts and their links to...
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    On assessing predictors importance in a small sample

    Good evening. My question regards the "best" and correct way of finding out which predictors are best for determining an outcome of interest. I currently have a very small sample (45 patients), a number of continuous variables (20) describing patients hearts' characteristics and a three-levels...
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    Rct efficicay for small sample

    I have baseline and post-treatment questionnaire data on behavioural treatment and control groups. Each group has less than 10 participants. I have missing data both on baseline and posttreatment outcomes (10% of all values are missing). The data is missing completely at random. Do you have...
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    Multilevel modeling with small N and large number of observations

    I'd like some general help figuring out which statistical approaches might be useful for my current situation. I'm working with: A sample of 9 subjects; id A 'time' variable (measured in seconds [0...~15000]) consisting of about 15,000 observations per subject; time A continuous dependent...
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    Which test should I use for a within-design with only one measuring point/time?

    Hi, I will lay out the experiment I am analyzing shorty and a little bit simplified: Participants were asked to debate a topic with an experimenter. The participant's debating strategies were observed and scored. For example, every participant obtained a score for "negative strategies" (NS)...
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    small sample size problems

    Hi i'm doing my master thesis and i'm searching for a way to analyse differences with small samples. The smallest is n=4 (1vs 3). Is there an option to analyse potential significant differences with this small samples? I don't think so but i'm pretty new in statistics, so i would be glad to...
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    Is a kernel density estimation a good approach for small samples?

    If you have a relatively small sample of data points that has more than one mode and you want to estimate the distribution of the population it came from as well make inferences, is kernel density estimation the way to go?
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    Looking for appropriate non-parametric test for 5 dependent group & small sample size

    What is the most appropriate parametric test for repeated observations for multiple dependent groups.
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    which test for repeated measures within-between group change with small sample size?

    Hi all, I have an intervention study with a very small sample size and am trying to decide the best way to analyze it. Any suggestions would be extremely helpful. Here is some more information: Measurements on 5 different variables were taken at 3 time points: Baseline, Follow-up 1...
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    Suggestions for model fit with unusual data set?

    Good morning, I'm struggling to fit a satisfactory model to a data set I have resulting from a systematic review. I performed a systematic review of estimated $ valuations of grasslands and the services they provide. All grasslands provide all services, but some studies only value one of...
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    cross validation

    Hi, I need some help with the following problem: I have a group of patients and I would like to classify them either in responders/non-responders to a certain treatment. For each person in the group a certain variable X was evaluated. By the use of ROC curves I have calculates the...
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    If In doubt - which test is best? Para/non Para

    Hi, Which test is best to use with a small sample size? Parametric or non-parametric? (with even distribution), I've got a repeated measures design - does this reduce the limitations of the small numbers in any way? Not sure what is best to use. Also - what should I set my p value at 0.05...
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    Can you compare 3 small groups <4 participants using Multiple Mann-Witney?

    Hi, I am very new to statistics but have found myself doing a small master desgree research project with very little statistics background so I am finding it very difficult. I have had a go at a mann-whitney but am just not confident that it is the correct test to use or whether there is...
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    Rank-biserial and point biserial correlation coefficients in SPSS +

    Hi there, I have tow questions regarding these analyses that I am yet to find an answer for. 1) Rank-biserial Is it possible to run this in SPSS? I have not found this option within the program and cannot find relevant advice on any forums. I am looking for relationships between sets of...