1. E

    Which is Your Favorite Free Statistical Analysis Software?

    Hello everyone, my friends and I were looking online for free statistical analysis softwares for Windows 10 and found this article. Have any of you tried any of these? What is your first pick?
  2. DrAnthonyRodriguez

    Software for Simple Linear Regression

    Hi! I am looking for a free or fairly inexpensive software package to perform simple linear regression (time series) and exponential smoothing tests. I need to test about 100 data points (i.e., years). Suggestions? Thank you! Doctor R
  3. M

    software speed

    Not homework BTW ... I want to measure the processing time (performance) of some software under a set of fixed conditions. I have a means to log the start and stop of the processing. The only possible factors are some uncontrollable (noise) factors, e.g., the CPU and memory usage. Then there is...
  4. D

    AM software for NAAL dataset

    Hi, Anybody familiar with AM software? and the NAAL dataset from 2003? I have downloaded both, but cant run any tests. It wont let me select any dep variables or export to excel. thanks
  5. N


    Does anyone know a software to convert LaTex to Word? I've converted a paper with equations from LaTex to PDF but I know need to convert the PDF to Word, all while keep the equations intact.
  6. B

    Installing Rcmdr into Rstudio on a Mac

    I am trying to install the Rcmdr package into Rstudio on my mac but it keeps crashing as soon as I click the checkmark beside Rcmdr under the Packages tab and then click 'Install packages'. It seems to specifically crash when it tries to load the required package: splines. I tried loading the...
  7. J

    Simple panel data regression tool for my particular analyis problem

    I am not a specialist in econometric's or linear regression but I am an engineer with a reasonable grasp of mathematics. I need to conduct a linear regression which looks at both relative information content and for multiple independent variables and incremental content. My data is currently...
  8. A

    [STATISTICA] - Software selection for basic statistical analysis and SEM

    Hello, everyone! I'm new to this forum and I am very excited about this opportunity to learn from experienced people here and (hopefully) share knowledge about statistical analysis. I'm a graduate student pursuing Ph.D. in Information Systems. My dissertation research involves using...
  9. T

    Basic R-Software command questions (S.O.S)

    Hello. I just recently started to learn R, therefore, I am not very familiar with the commands. I will be more than grateful if someone explain how to input the following problems in R. I really want to learn to be good with this software. Thank you. Bob asks Alice for lunch together...
  10. B

    Software to Determine Data Distribution

    Does anyone know of any statistical program that takes a set of empirical data and determines what probability distribution it most closely matches? This would be ideal if a package existed in Python or R. Thanks for the help! -Ben
  11. G

    Feedback on pre-launch statistical analysis tool

    We're building a data analysis/visualization tool that we'd love your feedback on. It's very very far from complete, but some initial reactions would be helpful. We're building Statwing to be more powerful than Excel but easier to use than R/SPSS/etc. Here's the demo...
  12. F


    I am an SPSS Base user, and I'm ready expand my capability by buying a bunch of SPSS modules (Exact Tests, Conjoint, Forecasting, etc.). The price, however, is daunting. XLSTAT is about half the price and offers techniques that SPSS doesn't like TURF Analysis. I work in a medium-sized...
  13. D

    Penalty (mean-drop) anlaysis software

    Hi. Does anyone know of a software I can download to run penalty analysis? Only have SPSS but don't think it has such a feature. Or if anyone knows how I can do it manually, would really appreciate the help.
  14. A

    Factor analysis question

    I am working on a project where I need to write Business Requirements for how to take a raw data file, run factor analysis against it and then output the results (Factor loadings, etc.) In short, I am looking for the code or an API of sorts. Anyone know a good resource to look at. I am...
  15. TheEcologist

    [FAQ] What statistical package is best?

    What statistical package is best? Unfortunately, there is no simple objective answer to this question. It all depends on your needs, skills and budget. There is a great Wikipedia page that gives you allot of information here and some good discussions on our forum. If you're still having...