1. victorxstc

    Nonparametric alternative to point-biserial correlation coefficient? - Which? t-test or Mann Whitney?

    A. I know from the net that for a design with one binary variable and a second variable that is continuous but is NOT normally distributed, I can use BOTH the point-biserial correlation (which is basically the parametric Pearson correlation formula) as well as the Rank Biserial Correlation...
  2. N

    Spearman Rank + Quadratic Regression (spps) HELP! x

    Hi, I'm trying to find out if there is a significant correlation between salinity and no. of Bivalves found on a shore. I did a Spearman Rank and this was my result: "There was a statistically significant correlation between Salinity and the number of Bivalvia individuals (Spearman Rank...
  3. Y

    First time doing a correlation and a Spearman one! Are my comments valid on my output?

    See below. I am going to say that it is a very weak positive and non signficant. Is this correct? Also, do I say anything else in my results about it? I have never done one before, I feel like I am right but just need reassurance! Also, do I need to report anything else? Correlation...
  4. T

    Correlation analysis: spearman or pearson

    Hi, We are conducting research on the relationship between self esteem and aggression. We have aggression scores and self esteem scores and we want to find out if there is a significant difference in the relationship by gender. We have ran a pearson's correlation for the relationship for the...
  5. L

    Correlation Question

    I have to do a correlation analysis for a paper and I don't have much experience in practical work. My data looks like this: The two variables have a linear (but not monotonic?) correlation but I think it is not normally distributed (last picture) and I wanted to ask if I can still do a...
  6. M

    Regression R2-value Vs spearman correlation coefficient

    Greetings I have been assessing some of the relationships between EDTA extractable Pb Vs Pb in plants etc using regression analysis in minitab. I just found a study that did a correlation analysis instead providing the correlation coefficient and p-value in order to assess if the relationship...
  7. C

    Adjusting for covariates in correlation test

    Hi, I wonder if it is possible to adjust for covariates when we use PROC CORR (correlation test) in SAS. Thanks!
  8. H

    Should I use Pearson or Spearman correlation?

    I have to know whether two variables are correlated or not in a sample. None of them are normally distributed, so I assumed that I should run Spearman's correlation, which gave me a correlation coefficient of 0.392 (p<0.05, and Pearson's correlation was equally p<0.05). My problem is that now I...
  9. A

    Interpreting the data — Correlation coefficient and significance level

    Hello, I need to fix the problem choosing and interpreting the correct statistical test for my data. I have data from (a) Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire short form (20 questions, answers from 1 (=very dissatisfied) to 5 (=very satisfied)) and (b) from Social Readjustment Rating...
  10. A

    Pearson VS Spearman — Choosing and interpreting the test

    Hello, I need to fix the problem choosing and interpreting the correct statistical test for my data. I have data from (a) Minnesota Job Satisfaction Questionnaire short form (20 questions, answers from 1 (=very dissatisfied) to 5 (=very satisfied)) and (b) from Social Readjustment Rating...
  11. M

    bootstrapping correlations Spearman vs. Pearson

    I would like to calculate simple correlations. Since my sample size is quite small and data are not normally distributed I thought about Spearman’s correlations. Then I read about bootstrapping as a distribution free method and, considering my small sample size, I decided to use it with...
  12. M

    Ordinal regression shows negative effect when spearman correlation shows positive

    I running a regression model where a variable is indicated to have a negative impact on the predicted variable: Estimate Std. Error Wald df Sig. 95% Confidence Interval Lower Bound Upper Bound Threshold [email_contact = 1] -4.682 .664 49.713 1 .000 -5.983 -3.380 [email_contact =...
  13. M

    Large differences in Pearson vs Spearman

    Dear all, My name is Mark and I am currently writing my thesis for a Master in Economics. I examine whether year to year changes in certain industry variables have an effect on the likelihood of CFO termination (0/1 variable). I have six X-variables, that are calculated as the absolute pro...
  14. R

    Dealing with data where the values of variable Y depend on values of variable X

    Hi there, I've been doing some undergrad research and am confused about how to handle some of my data (and my professor doesn't know much about stats...:( ) Basically, I'm looking at the durations of two behaviours in animals, behaviour X and behaviour Y. Behaviour Y occurs while the animal...
  15. I

    How to interpret Spearman's correlation between Likert-scale questions?

    Hi there! I have a question regarding the correlation of different statements. I would appreciate any help! How can I interpret this correlation? For example, I have 7 statements within one block (5-point Likert-scale) and respondents have to choose between whether they totally agree, agree...
  16. J

    Low or high correlation?

    What does it mean when Pearson correlation gives a value of 0.7-0.8, while spearman correlation gives a value from 0.3-0.4? Pearson reports high correlation while Spearman report weak. Should I conclude that the correlation is weak using spearman since the data seems skewed?
  17. T

    Spearman vs Kendall, tied ranks

    I am running a non-parametric correlational analysis, and I am not sure about if I should use Spearman or Kendall. Kendall is recommened if there is a small data set with large number of tied ranks, but what does a "large number" mean? I have a population of about 50 individuals. In one of my...
  18. A

    Help with statistical test.

    Hello all: I'm new to the forum and new to statistics. I'm a student doing a research on User Acceptance of Technology using a model known as UTAUT. I don't know how to conduct the appropriate statistical test to answer the hypothesis in my research. I've only taken a couple of statistic...
  19. J

    [Independent and Repeated T Tests] Choosing Best Design Methods

    No feedback. Problem solved.
  20. G

    Stats test to compare sports leagues tables

    Hi I want to generate a sports league table using two different methods. I think I will end up with the teams in different positions and I want to determine if the two tables are statistically different. Is that possible? I have been looking at Spearman correlation or the Kendall tau, but...