spearman's rho

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    Spearman's rho or no? is one of my datasets non-monotonic?

    Hi, I'm dyslexic with limited stat education (and the internet is not helping thus far) and I'm having horrible trouble understanding what tests I can and cannot use for potentially non-monotonic data (brain, meet brick wall...). This is for my dissertation (social sciences), and I'm questioning...
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    Spearmans rho: Attitude (on a Likert scale) Purchase Intentions (on a Likert scale)?

    I have measured 'Attitude towards a product' using Likert scale and I have measured 'Purchase Intentions to buy the product' also using Likert scale. Now I have to check "if Attitude influences Purchase Intention". I have ranked the Likert scale and performed Speamans rank correlation. Are there...
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    Statistically correct to compare two Spearman's ρ-Vaules directly?

    Hello statistic-community :wave: My sample size is approx. 1.500. I have different variables (A, B, C, D) which are all ordinal scaled. I have another variable (Z) which is ordinal scaled, too. Is it - in a statistical sense - correct, to calculate the Spearman's ρ with SPSS for each...
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    Non-parametric test for trend suggestions needed

    Hello, I am conducting trend analysis on rainfall time series using the Mann-Kendall rank correlation coefficient (tau). I would like to also use another non-parametric test to increase the reliability of the results, but I am having trouble finding a suitable test. I don't have a dataset...
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    How to test using Spearman correlation in R?

    Given such data X-Y 2-6 4-9 6- 3 8- 12 10- 15 When using pearson correlation it will be straight forward, however, when using spearman, should we arrange the data before running the test? Something like X- Order X ** Y - Order Y 2-1 ** 6 4-2 ** 9 6- 3 ** 3 8- 4 ** 12 10- 5...
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    Spearman's correlation: a continuous with a binary variable

    Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to statistics so sorry for the dummy question :o I need some nonparametric statistics to correlate a binary variable with a continuous one. Binary variable is yes or no. For instance: - one variable is a blood test score (ranging from 0 to 100); - the other...
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    Bonferroni correction for bivariate correlation

    Hi all, First of all my level of stats knowledge is fairly basic! I am currently running multiple bivariate correlations on data from a number of self report questionnaires. This has resulted in many significant correlations, and my supervisor has suggested I use the Bonferroni correction to...
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    Nonparametric alternative for Spearman's rho for correlation strength?

    My question is as simple as it may be difficult: is there any other nonparametric test besides Spearman's rho to compute the correlation strength between a predictor and an outcome variable of which the first is almost certain to have a skewed distribution? The reason why I'm asking is that in...
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    Scatterplot Question

    Hello, I have designed two Likert scales to assess the purchase likelihood of a brand with a certain attribute and the second one to assess the attitude towards this attribute (both are 7-point scales). I based my questionnaire on the theory of planned behaviour which says that attitude is...
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    Spearman's Rank Correlation Coefficient

    Since Spearman’s rho is a measure of general dependence between two variables, does this mean a correlation of zero means zero relationship between variables?