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    Comparing sensitivity, specificity, accuracy between two different diagnostic tests used on the same group of patients

    Dear all Could someone advice on how I should go about comparing the sensitivity, specificity, accuracy between two different diagnostic tests used on the same group of patients on SPSS? ie: sensitivity (test 1, test 2, p-value) specificity (test 1, test 2, p-value) accuracy (test 1, test 2...
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    Adapted version of sensitivity / specificity for disease detection

    I have data collected from sensors to detect disease in several individuals. Each individual has a known disease status (labeled Actual in the table below) for each day and a predicted disease status (Predicted in the table below) from prediction equations performed on the sensor data. I am...
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    Diagnostic test - speciicity when multiple testing - clever statistician needed!

    During validation of a diagnostic test a false positive event is observed in 1 out of 60 occasions leading to a specificity of 98.3% when testing for a single event. If 30 events are looked for using this test at a single time point and detection of a single event is considered a positive...
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    Logistic Regression model: a significant predicting variable with low sensitivity?

    Hi fellow forum members! Thank you in advance for your time! I used binary logistics regression (SPSS) to determine the relationship between ambient noise levels (a continuous variable on a logarithmic scale, dB) and a single dichotomous dependent variable ("yes" - 1- for whale positive...
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    Calculating Sensitivity and Specificity of Combined Testing...With a Surprise.

    Ok guys. I have an interesting question. I'm a biomedical engineering student from Georgia Tech and for one of my classes I have to implement screening policy for liver cancer. I decided to implement combined testing. It looks like this Test A High risk factor -...
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    Classification for cloglog

    Howdy! I need to know how one can go about obtaining the overall classification, the sensitivity and specificity of a cloglog estimation in Stata. Is there an equivalent to that beautiful estat classification command that works so well in logits and probits? Many thanks!
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    Interpreting sensitivity and specificity with corresponding PPV and NPV

    Hello, I have calculated sensitivities, specificities with pos and neg predictive values for different cutoff values of two biomarkers. What i get is the following: Biomarker 1: High spec (92%) low sens (20%) with high NPV (91%) and low PPV (22%) Biomarker 2: High sens (90%) low spec...
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    calculate sample size for sensitivity and specificity in a new diagnositic test

    My question is difficult to me, I had read an article about how to calculate sample size the foot note tole me"" ε = required absolute precision on either side of the sensitivity "" what is the absolute precision means ? and generally how to chose required absolute precision on either...
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    Sensitivity and Specificity and explained variance.

    Hi. I have one dependent variable (Y) which is binary. I have this data for 100 subjects. I want to generate binary data for 3 independent variables (X1, X2, X3) (so effectively I want to generate 3 columns of data with 100 values in each column) I want to generate this data according to...
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    HELP: Factor analysis used in personality scale

    I am struggling through this article on a personality measure scale (NEO-PI-R) : http://jenni.uchicago.edu/econ-psych-traits/CostaMcCrae1995.pdf On the article p. 27~8, they seem to be looking for specific variance for each variable, and they apparently do this by deriving specificity...