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    Order Effects- Conflicting results from two-way ANOVA and split file t tests!

    Hello, Whilst currently working on my dissertation I decided to check for order effects (I had of course used counterbalancing as part of the design). My experiment looked at the effect of motivational prime on categorisation and probabilistic reasoning. There were two groups and both groups...
  2. M

    Running non-parametric repeated measures analysis with split file on

    Okay so, I'm currently writing up my thesis, and I've got 2 between group variables and 3 within-group variables. I'm not doing a mixed design ANOVA because my data is non-normal (I'm all okay with doing non-parametric). What my main question is, is whether it is okay to run say a...
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    Split File for Mixed Measures

    This is a rookie question, so I apologize in advance - I am doing a mixed ANOVA with 2 levels of within groups (Time) and 2 levels of between groups (Intervention status - control or intervention). I got significant main effects as well as a significant interaction effect. Given that there...