split observations

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    Multiple intervention groups for meta-analysis help

    Hi everybody I'm conducting a meta-analysis, and some papers have 2 or 3 intervention groups in addition to the control. I read that I should possibly split the control group equally and examine as separate outcomes. Also, would it be as simple as splitting the control equally, and...
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    Split Vector and apply Mann Kendall test

    I have a long vector of financial time series information, price and volume. I expand the price vector based on the volume vector so I essentially get a price per share traded, and so only one vector is analyzed. I would like to split this vector into lengths of 17500 each, and apply the...
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    Split observations

    Hello all i have time series observations like 1970m1, 1970m2, 1970m3 .....1971m1 1972m2 and so on under the variable name Date as monthly time series data. I want to split these into two variable with observations 1970 and m1 , 1970 and m2 and so on. How can this be done? I am new and will be...