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    Sport Statistical Modelling

    I am very interested in football and want to create a statistical model for predicting the amount of goals scored by football team by using past results (goals scored, goals conceded etc). The problem I am facing is what sort of distribution represents these football results most realistically...
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    Binomial + Binomial

    Hi, I'm having difficulty working with the binomial - specifically aggregating binomial distributions. Hoping somebody can tell me where I'm going wrong. Let me give a totally fictional example: In a soccer match, there are 40 attempts at scoring a goal. Of these, 5 go in. Hence the...
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    Stats test to compare sports leagues tables

    Hi I want to generate a sports league table using two different methods. I think I will end up with the teams in different positions and I want to determine if the two tables are statistically different. Is that possible? I have been looking at Spearman correlation or the Kendall tau, but...