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    Should I compute my scales by averaging scores or by summing?

    Hi everyone I am conducting a research involving a serial mediation analysis using Hayes's Process (Model 6).My scales are all Likert type except one (this one measures Borderline personality semptoms in which 1=Yes, 0=No) Should I compute my scales by average or by total score? It doesn't make...
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    What Stats should I do?

    I have data looking at the number of different prey species and the number of different predator species that visited a waterhole and I'm categorizing by time, so eg. 3-6am : 5 prey, 2 predator 6-9am: 10 prey, 1 predator ect. I've tried doing a 2 way anova, and chi squared test but I dont...
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    Mixed Effect Model in SPSS

    I keep getting error messages:' The levels of the repeated effect are not different for each observation within a repeated subject.' Can anyone offer me some advice whether I can perform Mixed Effect Model in SPSS with my data or I have organised my data correctly? I have two groups of...
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    How to input distance matrix in SPSS to do Twostep cluster analysis?

    I already have a distance matrix (1609*1609) and each distance is between 0~1. I want to cluster 1609 items into natural groups by using Twostep cluster in SPSS. I want to use the distance matrix as input for Twostep cluster analysis. How to modify the syntax to do that? Or I cannot do it...
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    Hi Everyone, Is a sample of 20 companies too small for a dividend payout study? in SPSS I get a negative Adjusted R sq you will find attached the excel file with the dividend payout as my dependent variable .
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    Macro question

    Hi, I'm a beginner in SPSS syntax/macro and i have a question for people that know how to use these tools. In order to save some time i would like to create some macro to be able to do some redundant test on different set of variables, using different filters etc ... Right now i can (with...
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    reading data in spss with decimal

    I can't read the following data in spss DATA LIST / fuel 1-4(F,2) type 5 22.3 1 23.4 2 27.8 1 END DATA. LIST.
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    SPSS_Factorial analysis_Loading greather than 1

    Dear all, I got some loading values in the pattern matrix of a factorial analisys. What does it mean? How could I solve it? Thanks for your help!
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    Moderation analysis with a qualitativo moderator

    Hi! :) How can I analyse a moderating effect in SPSS 20 if I have a qualitative moderator variable? :confused: I already have my dummy variables for moderator variable. Thank you so much in advance! :tup:
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    Developing a multiple regression equation with repeated measures data

    Hi, I want to develop a multiple regression equation to predict pollutant concentrations (dependent variable) in runoff using six meteorological parameters (independent variables). My experimental design involves me getting three observations under the same environmental/test conditions...
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    Converting dates to fiscal month in SPSS 20

    Hello Stats Community I have a range of data for my file that looks like this: 1/23/2014 1/21/2014 12/29/2013 12/5/2013 (data goes all the way back to 2001) What I need to do is create a new variable called Fiscal Month- for us this means that any dates that fall between the 22nd of...
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    SPSS 20 - Fixed effects regression using LSDV

    Hi, I am using a panel data set in SPSS 20. I am attempting to run a fixed effects regression using least squares dummy variable and calculate F tests to compare the residuals from the (restricted) pooled OLS and (unrestricted) LSDV estimators. However, since I am using a recent version I...
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    Binary logistic regression with multiple imputed data: how to get pooled estimates?

    Dear all, I have performed multiple imputation on my dataset using SPSS 20, giving me 10 different datasets. I have understood that you could easily perform logistic regression on these and that you would get the pooled estimates (saw some examples of this as well, but only with the enter...
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    simple effects analysis

    Hello, My apologies if this topic should not be here. I have a within participant design with two variables: view and task. I obtain an interaction between these two factors and I want to explore it. I am using SPSS 20 and I want to check simple main effects. Someone gave me the following code...
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    Normalizing Skewed Data

    Hello, I'm a novice in stats, and I wanted to know how to normalize 'skewed' data. I work with SPSS and I went to transform>compute variable> and then I do a log transformation... However, when I run the normality tests, I am still getting a significance of .000 for both the K-S and...
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    SELECT IF command in SPSS syntax

    Dear all, I am having some difficulties with the SELECT IF command. Please find attached screenshots of my syntax: Syntax: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6stdc2j6eg1ppfj/image002.png Dataset: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6me11wxp15f0cp1/image001.pnghttps://www.dropbox.com/s/6me11wxp15f0cp1/image001.png...