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    Time series analysis - different results for same cross correlation in SPSS?!

    Hey everyone, i have a question about the results I get when I do a cross correlation of two white noise time series with SPSS 21.0. Why do I get two different results depending on how much variables I insert in the window for the cross correlation? For example: If I insert the variables...
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    Normality test: missing p value for some variables

    Hi! I am trying to run normality test for 3 variables and I am just getting p value for one of them. Has someone faced this problem before? Thank you for the help!
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    Mixed Models: challenge to solve

    Hello there! I have a question concerning my data and the use of Mixed models in SPSS 21.0. I want to investigate the influence of the independent variable 'altitude' (coded 1 to 5) on the dependent variable 'time' (numeric) of a certain test. This test is conducted in 16 individuals and...
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    SPSS Customers/Users Breakfast Seminar in Dublin

    Hi, I'm don't know how many of you are from Ireland or can travel here but just wanted to let you know that we're running an SPSS Customers/Users' Breakfast Seminar in Dublin on the 3rd of March. The speakers will be talking about what you can do with your IBM SPSS Software and how to...
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    [Correlation Analysis] Information on entering and analyzing Likert-scale data

    Hi, I am a Psychology student seeking advice for using SPSS (version 21). My research question is whether personality traits (extravertedness, agreeableness, etc.) relate to organisational commitment (OC). Both questionnaires are on a Likert-scale format (the personality measure has 5...
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    Negative ICC values in SPSS

    Hi there, I have run an ICC to assess if scores for 5 dimensions of a quality of life scale have been rated the same by child and their parent. Sample sizes are small (n=14) I ran a two way random model and wanted absolute agreement as I am keen to know about differences with the specific...
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    Numeric data become String data when transferred from excel to spss?!

    So I had some data from excel and I wanted to import it into SPSS to carry out T test. it looks like this on excel. perfectly fine percentage data however when it was imported to spss...it looks like this it became string data and i dont know what happened. all the percentages are gone...
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    Issues with Corsstabulations and Z-tests

    I have been running a number of Crosstabs in SPSS 21 doing Chi-square and Z-tests. It was all going well and making sense until I tried the latest set of cosstabs with predictor variables with large numbers of categories (the dependent variable still only has 2 categories). When I ran the...
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    homoscedasticity violated in more ways than one?

    Hello I need some advice, I am using multiple regressions in SPSS. My data is not entirely normal in its distribution but not bad enough to make me wince with fear. All my variables are measured upon a 1-7 likert scale. However upon running my regressions I am getting two problems, one of which...
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    Paired sibling data

    I'm helping with a study that is looking at gestational cytokine levels of children with neurodevelopmental disorders versus neurotypical children. I've been given a dataset looking at sibling pairs - one has a neurodevelopmental disorder, the other is neurotypical, and we have gestational...
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    Likert scale input

    Hi, I am a newbie to SPSS and am doing a research project this year. I am having trouble entering questions with multiple statements in one question. An example of this is below: How readable (clear) is the information contained in the following sections of the audit report? 1)Report...
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    SPSS Question Regarding entering data and calculation

    Hi, i am doing a research on stress level and i have 2 questionnaire and the total no. of respondents is 60. First questionnaire has been measured on a 6 point likert scale and it has total 16 questions. Second questionnaire has been measured on 5 point likert scale and it has total 46...
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    Categorical vs Continuous variables

    Hello, Here is my statistical dilemma. I have a group of data comprising of several variables I am analyzing by help of SPSS v21. Some of the variables are discrete eg. Habitat, Marital Status, Employment, Use of substance. The 3 response (dependent) variables are essentially continuous which...