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    Non-parametric Independent Sample for 2 groups

    Hello Guys, I am beginner in SPSS. And I got a task. Can anyone please help me :) I want to describe my data in this table below, I want to find the p values between 2 groups (covid and non-covid) of various variables. is that correct to use non-parametric independent sample test? And what...
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    Help with Regression and Graphing in SPSS. Cubic splines?

    Hi Guys, I am looking at time to surgery and infection. Infection is dichotomous. I ran a graph looking at cumulative sum of infection and time to surgery and it looked somewhat like a logistic curve. Linear at about 4x in the first 6 hours to surgery and then tapers off to about y=x roughly...
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    SPSS Complex Problem or at least it seems as such

    Here is the issue. I ran a logistic regression a time variable (time to surgery) had a trend of increased infection. Great right. Done? No. This is where SPSS gets tricky and why I might just abort back to SAS like I do sometimes. But lets see. I ran a graph for cumulative infection count...