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    How can I make a chart with the percentages/values labelled?

    I have tried making graphs will graph-builder. For some bizarre reason cannot get the charts made up with he percentages/values labelled. I know it sounds simple but its not obvious to me. Would really appreciate any help. BW
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    Exporting SPSS charts for publication

    Hi there, I am preparing my first article for journal publication and am having difficulty exporting/saving my charts in a way that makes them presentable. I've tried a few different formats (.emf, .eps, .jpg), and also saving to pdf and changing the resolution in GIMP. The main issue is that...
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    Problem with SPSS Chart builder

    Hi there, I am trying to create a chart showing the results for a feedback questionnaire, preferably using a box plot, but also want to experiment with a simple dot plot or bar graph. I have responses form eight participants. There were 10 questions and each required the participant to a give a...