1. L

    Multiple regression

    Is there any way you can control for a variable using multiple regression? In order to see if the relationship reduces or disappears between an Iv and DV?
  2. L

    Help for student research paper

    Dear Talk Stats'ers, Through our research we have some nominal scaled independent value's (a group of people, ex. Openness to Change) and interval/ratio scaled dependent value's (score on different sensory properties). Now we need to find out which sensory properties are affecting a specific...
  3. T

    SPSS - enter a single case twice without increasing the total number of the cases

    I am in a data analysis phase of my PhD project which is archaeological in nature. I am looking at the distribution of lamps across time (N=687). Most of my lamps (cases) are coded into 50-year brackets within a single categorical variable (0-50 CE =1, 50-100 CE =2, 100-150 CE =3, 150-200 CE...
  4. A

    SPSS Error messsage - Post hoc tests are not performed for GROUPNAME in split file $b

    Hi all I have looked around but yet to find a helpful answer So I have two variables one containing a variety of species crosses (nominal)and the other variable containing the number of eggs produced (numeric) (see below) Between-Subjects Factors Value Label N Partnered species...
  5. B

    SPSS custom tables query

    Hi I am trying to create a custom table in SPSS which has both the count of a variable and the percentage of a variable in the same column. For example, for one row the column should display 850 (89.8) where 850 is the count and 89.9 is the percentage. Does anyone know if this is possible...
  6. P

    Missing values syntax- skip pattern survey

    HI. I am trying to look at the relation between smartphone use and app use and mode choice for a class assignment. I have some data which I got from an online forum , but the questions were skipped pattern. So how do I write a syntax for skip pattern in spss to define the value as missing...
  7. A

    Frequency of combinations possible

    I have an SPSS data set with 500+ respondents and 18 symptoms that they could have. Each symptom has its own variable Symptom01 = 1 means they have the symptom 1 Symptom02 = 0 means they dont have the symptom 2 etc etc What I want to know is what combination of 3 symptoms is more frequent...
  8. S

    How to select categories (based on multiple variables) for the x-axis of a chart

    For example: Lets say I have the following variables: Variable 1: "Groups". Involves two groups of patients. 1= patients with infection, 2= patients without infection Variable 2: "Mortality". Subdivides patients with infection in two subgroups. 1= patients who died from infection, 2= patients...
  9. R

    (SPSS-PROXSCAL procedure) I need examples for two cases of data format.

    Please, I need to know about PROXSCAL procedure (Multidimensional Scaling) on SPSS, 2 options of “Data Format” (the first dialogue box), I’m trying to do that (for defined proximities): for more than one matrix (more than one source) in one column; and also more than one matrix in case of more...
  10. G

    moderation in SPSS vs. PROCESS

    Hi. I did mediation and moderation analysis of one model in 2 programs: SPSS and PROCESS (macro). Mediation was the same, but moderation was different in PROCESS. In SPSS both X and M were significant (p=.001), but in PROCESS significance of X lowered to .0077 and M became insignificant, while...
  11. S

    What statistical tests to use? - advice please

    Hi all I am working on a project looking at ADHD in a large sample of adolescents. I am looking to investigate whether there are any differences between those in my sample who have previously had a diagnosis of ADHD and those who have not, on various ADHD rating scales. The rating scales...
  12. J

    Help!! a little confused with ANOVA, should be easy

    Dear all, I would like to ask for your help in determining which test I should run for my samples. Here is my data: I have 4 water samples of Nitrite (mg/l) from 3 sites. Site1:.00171, .00206, .00031, .00066 Site3:.00136, .00206, .00415, .00275 Site4:.02193, .02298, .02681, .01531 My...
  13. P

    Linear Mixed Model not displaying values in Fixed Effects table

    I am running a linear mixed model for a repeated measures design, because of some missing data, with several fixed effects and a subject random effect. I am testing several different covariance structures for the repeated measures, and in some cases there are values missing (i.e. DoF and...
  14. V

    Am I interpreting this correctly?

    I have a continuous DV and 2 categorical + 1 continuous IVs. In spss I did a univariate analysis and found a main effect of one of the categorical ivs and a significant interaction between the two categorical IVs and the DV. I am interested in seeing if there is a three way interaction between...
  15. C

    Inefficient SPSS Macro

    I have details relating to over 700,000 customer contacts. Our customers may use more than one address (e.g. home and business) and more than one telephone number (e.g. mobile or landline). It is also possible that there may be more than one name (e.g. mis-spelling) recorded for a particular...
  16. stacy

    multinomial logistic regression

    hi , i have two questions: 1)- is it adequate to run a multinomial logistic regression test using spss on two categorical variables to test the influence relationship, knowing that data is collected via likert scale items and then computed into 5 classes : example from 5 to 10: weak, from 15...
  17. stacy

    creating a complex variable in spss and amos

    how to create in spss and amos an unobserved latent variable that has 3 observable sub-variables ? it via adding all three variables or is there another way to do it exeple of a latent variable :
  18. stacy

    spss independence tests

    hi, i have 3 qualitative latent variables, each of these variables is composed of 4 sub variables two of the latent variables are independent one is dependent i want to test the impact of the IV on the DV and to test the link between both two IVs and whether this link has an impact on the...
  19. I

    Power calculation

    Conducted a preliminary study & want to determine if i need more participants. How do I do this using spss 30 n , 10 stimuli (2 subcategories, 5 cats, 5 dogs). 7 point scale (not at all - very much). Used % as marker of neutral scores.
  20. G

    Paired Sample T-Test, Bivariate Correlation, Factors Influencing Resistance to Change

    Hi there, My study investigates factors that influence resistance to change in an organisation. The independent variables are: trust, communication, age and participation. For the purpose of this study, the target population (N=25) answered self-administered questionnaires, using a...