1. E

    SPSS Analysis for Pre-test & post-test, control group design

    Hi, I am running an analysis for a experimental study and would like to get some opinions about the most appropriate method. I have two groups: control (no treatment) and experimental groups (intervention) I test all individuals before the experiment and after (pretest-posttest) I collect 10...
  2. R

    Is the difference between two groups bigger, then x2 value bigger and p value smaller?

    For chi-square test or other tests involving x2 and p value, is it true that if the difference between two groups is bigger, then x2 value is bigger and p value is smaller?
  3. S

    How to test the variability of count data over time

    I'm wondering how I might best test for over-dispersion of raw count data over time. I have just started a project and am exploring my data, so I do not have a model to test on. I have 4000 independent customers and the frequency of their purchases per day for 44 days. I must determine whether...
  4. W

    Paired t test unequal sample sizes?

    I want to find if there's a significance between the two levels average mean values from my dependent variable "X," which are "High X" and "Low X." High X (85 items) + Low X (65 items) = X (150 items) Both have unequal sample size, but they're from the same group "X." I opted for paired sample...
  5. N

    How to set up the data for GEE analysis?

    Hello, I have 9 feelings and I want to measure if there is a correlation between these feelings across 4 devices. For example, device A had a more "happy" feeling than device C. Originally, they are four questions (each device has its own multiple-choice feelings), therefore, the number of...
  6. victorxstc

    SPSS - Using mixed univariate ANOVA (UNIANOVA) or mixed linear regression (MIXED) instead of repeated-measures ANOVA

    Which process is better for using instead of Repeated-Measures ANOVA (SPSS syntax: GLM -- GUI command: Analyze --> General Linear Model --> Repeated Measures)? and Why? (1) Mixed univariate ANOVA (SPSS syntax: "`UNIANOVA`" -- GUI command: Analyze --> General Linear Model --> Univariate) (2)...
  7. shannahw

    Mediation - Mediation and b path not significant, can I conclude that there is no relationship between the mediator and the dependent var?

    Hi all, I have conducted a mediation analysis with Hayes PROCESS model 4. The overall mediation was not significant. Now, I am wondering the following: If the mediation and the b path within the mediation are not significant, can I conclude that there is no relationship between the mediator...
  8. V

    Logistic Regression interpretation

  9. S

    Changing values from string to numeric - Affect on answers in survey

    Hello! I'm a total beginner in SPSS, first time user. I'm having an issue with a survey I'm conducting, I've changed string > numeric using recode. Answers were on the Likert scale and changed to 1-5. However, I've noticed that when I go into analyzing process, the answers for the each...
  10. U

    Which test to use? one predictor variable and 3 dependent variables

    Hello, I'm hoping someone can help me. I am conducting research for my thesis looking at relationship between social connectedness (IV), and diabetes distress, diabetes self-management and perceived competence (DVs). All are continuous variables measured on self-report likert scale...
  11. E

    Multiple Linear Regression Assumptions

    Hi guys! I am gonna model multiple linear regression. Do you think that normality of residuals assumption is met according to the P-P plot? Also, consider the homoscadasticity assumption according to the scatter please. I am writing my Bsc. thesis, what should I do if these two assumptions...
  12. M

    Moderating Effect (Interaction) in Binary Logistic Regression

    Hey, I presume the answer to my question is fairly straightforward but im really having a hard time understanding how to approach this. I am conducting a binary logistic regression with dependent variable Conversion (0 = No, 1 = Yes) and three independent variables; Group (Control vs...
  13. shannahw

    Use OR conditional statement using the MISSING function (SPSS)

    I want to use an OR conditional statement using the MISSING function in SPSS (see below), but it doesn't work like this. Anyone knows how I can code this correctly? COMPUTE inclOndrzGeweig=1. IF (MISSING(geslacht | Leeftijd | RSES1_T0 | RSES2_T0 | RSES3_T0 | RSES4_T0 | RSES5_T0 | RSES6_T0 |...
  14. shannahw

    Repeated-measures ANCOVA - Handle assumptions and missing data (SPSS)

    Hi all, I am performing a repeated-measures ANCOVA in SPSS with following characteristics: Dependent variable: weight loss (with three points in time) Independent variable: conscientiousness Covariates: gender, age, depression I can't find a good online guide that will take me step by step...
  15. D

    Stupid post for a newbie. There is a premade table. How do I know which gender is which number?

    It's on the red rectangle. ''Sex = gender''. I saw on a tutorial that if I clicked on Data View and then on Value Labels the numbers of each cell (0 and 1) would turn back to their original ''name'' (female and male). It's not working. How do know who is 0 and who is 1?
  16. B

    Running Logistic Regression with Random Effects in SPSS (not Multilevel)

    HI! I'm really confused with how to run my logistic regression model (I have a dichotomous dependent and 8 nominal cat/continuous independent variables), I also have 3 separate random variables which I want to include in the model. I've looked at mixed model analysis but it's not a multilevel...
  17. R

    Clustered bar graphs

    Hi! Could anyone explain how I create such clustered bar graphs in SPSS? I want the clusters divided by interactions and I want to show the mean (+errorbars) of each of the three variables (advice-only, dialog history, empathy). Probably I need to put the interactions on the y-axis (?!) but...
  18. L

    SPSS - ANOVA test and & Post Hoc

    Hi, I have conducted both ANOVA along with Post Hoc Test on SPSS. However, I have encountered a problem on the Post Hoc Tests. In particular, between the multiple comparisons and homogeneous subsets sections. My problem is under the multiple comparisons - the category 7 is not statically...
  19. A

    Latent Class Analysis - How to identify the main drivers?

    Hi All! I ran a LCA to identify the best possible segmentation of classes in a population. I used Latent Gold for this and imported the clusters later in to SPSS for some comparisons and calculation. I am a bit stuck with the following questions: Are there any metrics which indicate which of...
  20. consumerisms

    What statistical analysis and how?

    Hello everyone, I am studying the effects of framing on food neophobia and the purchase likelihood of novel foods. Currently, I have made a pre-test where I have 4 conditions and 1 control condition where they are pictures with messages framed a certain way (emotion-promotion...