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    Multiple Imputation in SPSS: What to do and report

    Hi everyone :) I'm currently working on a research question where there are 2 categorical predictor variables (one with 2 levels between subjects, the other with 7 levels within subjects) and one continuous response variable. I want to conduct a simple repeated measures ANOVA in SPSS. The...
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    Power analysis for moderated mediation (and a small research design question)

    Hello guys! I am doing research on the effect of a specific medicine, quantified by dosage, on specific feelings (to be called; SF), mediated by feelings of connectedness, in which the relationship between the medicine and SF (X - Y) ánd the relationship between medicine and connectedness (X -...
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    How to Analyze Continuous IV and DV?

    I'm a relative novice at statistics and would appreciate some help with a dataset I'm trying to crunch. I'm currently looking at factors that predict increasing utilization of healthcare resources following surgery in a set of 130+ patients. Some of the independent variables I'm looking at...
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    Limits of agreement and Bland Altman plot

    May I kindly ask how may I present the Bland Altman plot in words in the “Results” section of the manuscript, e.g. what should be reported and how may I find these in SPSS? Thanks a lot!
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    Moderation: what if one predictor variable affects another?

    Hi guys! We would be very thankful for some insight on our moderation analysis. We have two predictor variables, one is manipulated, the other is measured. There’s a measured outcome variable. We would like to do a moderation analysis where the measured predictor variable moderates the effect...
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    Which test should I use? Dichotomous independent + numeric dependent

    Hi everyone! I am in doubt about which test I should conduct. My indepent variable is dichotomous: values 0 = no presence of female combatants in conflict and 1= presence of female combatants in conflict). So indepent variable is eiter no/ yes My dependent variable is the duration of conflict...
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    Selection of the correct covariance structure – linear mixed model in SPSS

    Hi together, I am currently trying to build a linear mixed model with repeated measurements in SPSS. I would expect that the correlation between my measurements is highest at adjacent time points, so my guess was that AR1 (autoregressive structure) is the right covariance structure in my case...
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    Multiple Linear Regression

    Hello, I am an MBA student and require help doing a multiple linear regression analysis using spss, check if I uploaded the data with the correct options and how to interpret the data and results. I have 2 independent variables and 1 dependent variable. Thanks!
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    Questions concerning the analysis of my Data

    Hello everyone, I received some old data that I am now supposed to analyze, however, deciding for an appropriate statistical test turned out to be a little hard for me, so I could Need your help! The data are basically from a 2x2 factorial design with Pre- and Posttest measures. It is an...
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    Conversion Equation using Generalized estimating equations in SPSS

    Hello, I got two devices that measure same group of people. I would like to create a conversion equation to translate the measurement from device A to device B using repeated-measures models with generalized estimating equations. May I kindly ask how it actually works in SPSS (e.g. which...
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    New to SPSS, hoping for help!

    Hi, I'm pretty new to SPSS but I have a project I'd like to work on, would anybody be able to advise me on which tests to run so I can look for an instructional video? I've got my beekeeping records from this year and a few colleges' sheets. It has data about how much honey we've had produced...
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    Sensitivity & Specificity Analysis

    Hello, I have carried out sensitivity and specificity analysis on two neuropsychological tests to determine their utility in detecting impairment (mild cognitive impairment/Alzheimer's disease) relative to controls. The tests show opposite profiles: one has a sensitivity of 83.3% and...
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    What is is the meaning of this p-value ?

    i am trying to perform cox regression on survival data of tumor patients with the covariate "resection status". Patients had either biopsy (=0), partial resection(=1) or total resection of the tumor (=2). I have trouble understanding the following: "total resection" (=2) is the reference value...
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    Time series analysis - residuals arent stationary

    Hey everyone, i'm struggling with modelling some times series to get residuals with white noise characteristics. I use SPSS for ARIMA modelling and exponential smoothing and Gretl for stationary testing with the Augmented-Dickey-Fuller and the KPSS-Test. My workflow: At first I use Gretl to...
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    LOGISTIC REGRESSION ASSUMPTIONS - linearity for categorical IV's

    Hi! I am going through the assumption for a logistic regression but I am stuck on making sure the 'IV is linearly related to the log odds'. My DV is dichotomous and all of my IV's are categorical (some binary, others with multiple groups). I am struggling to test this assumption on my data as...
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    What analysis do I use best? (SPSS)

    Hi all I'm doing research on pay in function of degree (master vs. doctorate) and gender (man vs. woman). My research consists of 1 dependent variable: salary (salary varies from 210 euro to 12.000 euro in absolute numbers) and 1 independent variable degree (master vs. doctorate) and 1...
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    KALPHA not working

    Hi Everyone, Would you please help me understand why SPSS says "The first word in the line is not recognised as an SPSS statistics command" even though I have installed and activated the Hayes kalpha macro? I would appreciate if you can suggest possible ways on how I can fix this or any other...
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    SigmaPlot Boxplots

    Hi all, New here and hoping someone might be able to help (with what is a potentially stupid/obvious question--so apologies if that is the case). I am trying to make some boxplots on SigmaPlot, however I have realized the calculation they use to compute the quartiles, as well as the whisker...
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    Can I use Hayes' PROCESS macro for full mediation research models?

    Hi all, I got the advice to use Hayes' PROCESS macro through SPSS for my research model, specifically model 4 and model 7. However, these models represent partial mediation, while my research model is full mediation. Hence, I was wondering whether I can use them for my analysis. If so, do I...