standardized residuals

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    distance from expected in terms of standard deviations

    assume I am predicting home runs, assume all player bat the same number of times, so we can do this by total home runs, and not home run rate) from a player based on past experience. I have a linear regression model for one period of time that determines the model, and I then run 100 players...
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    significant chi-square but non-significant standardized residuals

    Hello, I am running 2x2 and2x3 chi-square tests. For one of the tests I ran, although the Chi-square statistic was significant, none of the standardized residuals (used to further interpret the outcome) were significant (i.e., the values ranged from -1.96 to 1.96). Not sure what this means or...
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    What does only one significant standardised residual mean in 2x3 Chi Squared tables?

    Hi everyone. I'm writing up a report for my advisor, which compares count data for three conditions, across two different groups. I therefore have a 2x3 contingency table I've analysed with Chi Squared, and am using standardised residuals as a post-hoc test. However, my advisor and are...