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    metareg command in stata 12

    hi, I'm relatively new to stata and I'm running a meta-analysis of proportions in STATA 12 SE and then, doing a metaregression by the following commands: 1. metaprop var2 var3, random cimethod(exact): which generates _ES (effect size) and _seES (standard error of effect size) for the next...
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    Regression and imputing zeros

    Hi all! I have what is likely a simple regression problem. I am imputing Variable X from survey Y to survey Z. I am using a simple linear regression model and the predict function in STATA. So, I run a regression on Variable X in survey Y, using a host of independent dummy variables...
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    interactions not allowed

    i am using a fixed effects model with log of wage as the dependent variable when i try xi: xtreg logwage i.d08##c.yrschool exp2 married, i(id) fe where i.d08##c.yrschool is an interaction term with d08 being a dummy for the year 2008 and yrschool being a continuous variable for years of...
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    Fama Macbeth regression help

    Dear reader, We are stuck with performing a Fama Macbeth regression in STATA. The following sums up our steps, and where we got stuck. Please see the attachment for our dataset. When we import this in STATA and make sure that those are all numeric variables. Then we use the following...
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    What is the stata command for two way repeated measures ANOVA??!!

    Hi :wave: I was hoping if anyone can clear up this minor confusion with regards to stata (im a beginner) and it would be great if someone can clarify it for me. I know the stata command that runs a two-way ANOVA is: anova DependentVariable FirstIndependentVariable##SecondIndependentVariable...
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    Standardized country names in Stata and merge

    Hi all, I am currently attempting to merge different data sets in Stata. I have used the 'user written program' Kountry to standardize all my country names. And have used the kountryadd syntax to ensure that across all data sets, the variations of spellings are the same. However, when I...
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    Converting syntax between python and STATA

    Dear colleagues, Im converting a code written in PYTHON to STATA and I'm stuck at the point when have to apply the iterative procedure. Cannot find the way to write the loop so that it includes the initial value and generates an estimate for lat. Has any of you got any experience with that...
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    overall model fit for generalized structural equation model

    Hi All, I'm new to this forum, and I hope I can be both of help and find help. My current problem involves modeling longitudinal data. I have four waves of data and I'm examining employment status and rearrest as endogenous outcome variables. I have built and run a generalized structural...
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    Help with categorical interaction terms in Poisson model

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you have to offer. I'm working with a Poisson model of weighted survey data. My outcome is ACCESS to a weapon (0/1). I have several predictors, including GENDER (0 female /1 male) and a RISK category (0 = no mental health risk factors / 1 = intermediate...
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    Help! WLS + Bootstrap

    Hello everyone, I would like to do a weighted-least-squares regression through a nonparametric bootstrap in stata. Does anybody know how this might work? The "vce(bootstrap.." command does not work in combination with a "wls0" command Thanks in advance! CheersToStata
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    Collinearity using clogit

    Hi, My statistical support has gone on long term sick, and I am kind of stuck mid-analysis, so was hoping someone here could help me. I am a health professional, and my basic grasp of stats is not helping me with this problem! I did do a search for my question, both via Google and on the...
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    Help for student

    hi, I have a question, as how can we analyse the relationship between the dependency and normal distribution data in STATA.
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    Comparing groups - which test should I use

    My study is to assess the mental state of elderly patients, one of the objectives is to compare the mini-mental categories, which is an instrument that measures the level of cognition of classifying subjects into 4 categories: normal, pathological suspicion, deterioration and dementia, but I...
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    Confusion with writing command for meta-analysis in STATA

    I am a beginner in STATA and do not understand how to write syntax for the meta-analysis command using the variables in my research study. Any help would be so greatly appreciated! My study: I am trying to use meta-analysis to investigate how several different variables impact prevalence...
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    [Stata] How to Get the Beta Coefficient as a Variable using Stata

    After regressing by gvkey: lag1 lag2 I get 815 tables with a beta coefficient included. But I am only interested in getting these betas in a list for further use. Thx for your reaction in advance!
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    Collapsing variables

    Hey there, I am new to STATA and would like to solve the following problem: Lets say that I have variable "consumption of cereals" and variable "net income". I would like to find out how much of cereals is consumed in average by the poorest 10% and the richest 10% of the population in my...
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    Does Stata give up certain commands?

    Hello, I use Stata 12 by reading a book on Stata 11 and the Internet. I would like to use two commands: wincorr and grqreg. None of them works. Do you know how to do simply winsorising with Stata? More importantly, how to display graph of coefficients over quantiles, when you have done...
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    sales growth-rate with multiple groups-conditions

    Cross-posting @ @ german: ="" I want to calculate the annual sales growth rate of different firm-groups in Stata. The firms...
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    Marginal effect Tobit in Stata

    Hi everyone, How can I calculate with the margins command the marginal effect of a variable for a Tobit model in Stata using for all variables their mean value ? So, in other words, how can I calculate the marginal effect at the mean of all variables? Any help is much appreciated...
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    Generating Dummy Variable from excel file into STATA

    Hi all :) I am currently doing a research thesis titled "The Effects of Free Trade Agreements (FTA) on Indonesia's Trade". I have a panel data that consist of indonesia and its partner trade data from 1980 to 2011. In short, I have to create dummy variables of FTA that signed by Indonesia...