stata 14

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    Ordinal logit regression with ordinal dependent and independent variables

    My question is very straightforward. I have different ordinal independent variables (with 4 or 3 categories), and I am trying to regress those on different ordinal and nominal variables. I want help on how I could interpret the coefficients and the odd ratios, even though on the picture I attach...
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    [HELP] Question about Hurdle Models

    Good morning guys, I am running a linear hurdle model regression. I have to model the decision to adhere or not to adhere to a screening program (thus, a dummy variable) as a function of other variables. The problem is that a dummy variable (adhere or not to the screening) is not valid as...
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    Three-way interactions with longitudinal data

    Hi there, We are trying to examine whether carrying the risk gene for Alzheimer's disease (E4), moderates the effect of a continuous predictor over time (c.RNT#c.Time), on global cognition. In other words, "does carrying (or not carrying) the E4 allele moderate the effect of RNT on global...
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    Calculating sample size for non-inferiority trial using Stata cii

    Hi, can I use Stata command cii to calculate the sample size required if I want to test that fasting TG is not lower than non-fasting TG by 0.2mmol/l? Given mean=1.4, sd=0.5, 95% confidence level. What is the exact command? How do I calculate sample size if I want to test for equivalence of...
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    Zero inflated negative binomial regression interpreting main and interaction effects

    I am running a zero inflated negative binomial model (zinb) and want to interpret the main and interaction effects. I have the following: People decide whether to purchase a good during a given week and I have their final purchase quantity (Min qty = 0 units and Max qty = 10 units observed...
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    Coding for control variables in Stata 14 in linear regression?

    Hi - I need to control for two variables in my linear regression, the code thus far is; sort dde2 by dde2: regress sustain I have two mediator variables or control variables, gender and ses and I need to remove their effects. Any help greatly appreciated!
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    Which analysis to choose? Urgent

    Hi, any help is greatly appreciated. I have data from the same children at ages 4, 7 and 11 for a variable (self-regulation) created from a questionnaire. The data for this variable is numbers from 1-4 (the mean of their scores from the questionnaire). I need to compare the differences...
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    How to keep omitted categorical variable on clogit model??

    Currently I am doing choice experiment modelling using conditional logistic model. I am treating all of my attributes as categorical variables. Therefore I run this command using Stata14: clogit most i.benefit i.distribution i.duration i.restriction i.participation, group(respqu) However, I...
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    Stata 14

    Where can I run Stata 14 online please???:)