1. L

    Standardized country names in Stata and merge

    Hi all, I am currently attempting to merge different data sets in Stata. I have used the 'user written program' Kountry to standardize all my country names. And have used the kountryadd syntax to ensure that across all data sets, the variations of spellings are the same. However, when I...
  2. J

    Stata Recursive problem, Bellman equation

    Hi all, I need some help with estimating a Bellman equation for a optimal consumption in stata. Does anyone know how to do this? - How do I define a dynamic discrete model choice?
  3. J

    Utility Model Probit or Logit?

    Dear all, I'm trying to estimate a utility model in stata , but don't know where to start. My utility model is a dynamic programming model, based on the life-cycle of consumption and savings.. I have been able to work out all the recursive equations but have no clue on how to implement this...
  4. T

    Choosing the correct Statistical test

    I am writing my first year project about working conditions in Denmark and have done some statistical analysis. But I am in doubt whether I have used the right methods. The reason behind my despair is my absent teacher which resulted in a huge lack of guidance. (Enough self-pity) My problem is...
  5. Y

    Importer fixed effect and time fixed effect

    I am running a regression on gravity equation while one of the variable is very significant when importer effect applied but not significant at all when time fixed effect joined. This is very confusing to me because this is the first time i use fixed effect approach. Many Thanks!
  6. T

    Predicting y_hat from a ARCH model

    Hi, I want to do something very easy, but it doesnt work! I need to see the predictions (and errors) of a GARCH model. The Main Variable es "dowclose", and my idea is look if the GARCH model has a good fitting on this variable. Im using this easy code, but the prediction are just 0's...
  7. U

    Testing heteroskedasticity in a bootstrapped quantile regression

    Hi, I am currently using stata to perform some regressions, and need help on how to perform specific tests on bootstrapped quantile regressions. I have a dataset with 31variables, most of which are dummies, and 1600 obs. I am looking to perform quantile regressions as the distribution is...
  8. P

    Cross-sectional regression for a certain date

    Hello everybody, I have Panel data consisting of 35 companies. For each company I have dependent values for three years. My question is if there is a way to tell Stata to run a cross-sectional regression for a certain date (e.g. 01/01/2013) and show the results before moving on to the next...
  9. amsavage

    SEM using survey data and maximum likelihood estimation - fit statistics?

    I have estimated an SEM model in STATA based on survey data. Once I identify the data as survey by including sample weight and bootstrap weight variables I can no longer get fit statistics. Not even the basic X2 and associated p value. The message I receive is: model was fit with svy: prefix...
  10. amsavage

    Consolidating multiply imputed data into a single dataset

    If one uses multiple imputation in STATA to derive 5 complete datasets, could the newly imputed values simply be averaged to create a substitute value? EG. 'mi impute mvn' is used to generate 5 possible values for one missing value. Can I average those 5 values and use the result by itself in...
  11. C

    calculating time difference between sub groups in a data set

    Calculat time difference between two events in data set Hi everyone, I am a beginner and I have a data set that I want to analyze, but I don't know if it is possible to do what I want using stata. I have data in the format No time event user network 1 9:02:01...
  12. E

    How can I drop observations when a variable is equal to any number from a sequence?

    I have a variable in a data set that has numbers between 0 and 1000. I want to drop observations where the variable is equal to any number from the sequence S=42 + k*12 k=(0,infinity) Right now the only way I know to do this is by typing out drop if var == 42 | var == 54 | etc...
  13. S

    Direct Standardization in Stata using dstdize command

    Hi everyone, I've directly standardized injury events in 17 US states using the stata command "dstdize total_injuries population age_group, by(state) using(Standard_US_Dataset) (output attached). Is there a way to increase the number of decimal places reported, or to directly output rates...
  14. A

    Getting values larger than 1 for a logit test?

    I have run a logit test on a binary dependent variable "gambled?" against "Age" in STATA. I have the dependent variable coded as 0 for no and 1 for yes. However I have a coefficient of 1.54 on the independent variable "Age". How can this be in a logistic regression that is meant to be between 0...
  15. K

    Stata: ml versus nl

    I need to estimate an equation using some iterative method to optimally choose the coefficients. I won't go into the reasons that I can't use a simpler methods like OLS, GLS or instrumental variables (it's a long, sad story). My question is about weather I can expect equivalent results from...
  16. T

    Match firms by sic code and ipo date in state

    Hi, I am currently researching the US Ipo market and due to stata being completely new for me I encountered the following problem: I have two data sets in which each the variables company name, ipo date and sic code are given. one data set is called: IPO firms. The other one is called peers...
  17. K

    Exporting results of the -table- command to Excel?

    Hi, is there any easy way to automate exporting a table command (with the content() option) to excel? I know about the various 'mouse' methods of "Copy Table", "Copy Table as HTML", with the "Table Copy Options", but I'm looking for the table equivalent as outreg2 is for regress. tabout...
  18. W

    Merging data in STATA, Panel Data problem. A real challenge!

    Hy! I have one database with companies who did a specific event on a specific date. I also have their company codes. Some of these companies are twice or more in this database because they did this event more then once during the observed period. In my second database I have other company...
  19. B

    QIC Program for Stata

    Does anybody know where I can download the QIC program for Stata? I've looked all over online and cannot find it.
  20. R

    STATA - Splitting panel data into quartiles

    I am new to this stuff so please excuse me if an answer already exists but I certainly can't find it. I have a large panel dataset in STATA and want to know how I can split the data into quantiles (deciles preferably) of a certain variable, but by year. To be more specific, I have data on...