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    Need Help Finding Whats Stats To Perform

    Hi there, I've been given a data set involving a food-training study. In week 1, baseline weight and BMI were recorded for each participant. In week 2, participants underwent four sessions of an online go/no-go response inhibition task. The task involved two treatments: food inhibition and...
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    Interpretation Fisher exact test [statistics]

    Can you help me interpret the output of the fisher exact test? Fisher exact test = 0.037 Question: How significant is the fisher exact test result of 0.037? The hypothesis would be: Medication A can lead to illness Z, because of p = 0.037? Odds ratio would be 6.327, is that as well...
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    Mean and Variance of estimators

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    Producing machine provides 20% incorrect products. Let's randomly pick 4 produced products. Find the probability that: a) There is exactly one incorrect product. b) There is no incorrect products. c) There is at least one correct product.
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    How can I solve this probability?

    Factory gets supplies delivered every day from the producers. The probabilities of supplies arriving successfully on a given day are 0.97 for the first supplier; 0.87 for the second supplier and 0.75 for the third supplier. The factory requires deliveries from at least one producer to keep up...
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    Data analysis

    Hi I'm currently in the middle of a job application process and one of the stages is data analysis of two tables (one is deaths caused by diabetes between specific years and the others is deaths caused by diabetes in specific regions). I've been told to analyse the data looking for "main...
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    Hypothesis Testing

    Hi guys! I have a statistics question that I am completely stumped with: From a sample of people (n=36), with certain eating habits, a mean cholesterol value of 4.1 mmol/l was calculated. From a medical reference table, it is shown that 95% of all values are between 3.2 – 6.2 mmol/l for the...
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    z test and t test

    I understand that we go for t test in regression , after the data has been normally disributed using z distribution. Need to know why cant we use t - test in all the phases , i mean why is it required that t- test requires that the data is normally distributed.....why t-test can't handle this...
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    MANOVA or repeated measures anova or ANCOVA?

    Hello! For my thesis I want to compare 3 training groups (2 different types of training and 1 control group) to see the influence on mindfulness-skills and exhaustion level (so 1 IV- type of training- and 2 DV). All the participants get a pre and post test. I'm doing the analysis in SPSS, but...
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    What is normal curve actually?

    Hi All, I am fairly new to Stats and thus this question. I was going through different materials to learn stats. 1. Somwhere its mentiond that a population, if plotted against frequency on a bar graph can produce a normal curve (e.g popcorn popping, heights of people etc) 2. Whereas somewhere...
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    confusion on outliers

    I am not able to distinguish the outliers - When to go with std. dev and When do we need to go with Median. My understanding on std. dev. is - if the data is away from mean by more than 2 std dev. we consider that as outlier. Similarly for Median, we say that any data that is not in-between q1...
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    ANCOVA dilemma

    Hi All, Ive been given this question: Categorise the participants into high stress and low stress groups. Compare the two groups in relation to another psychological variable while controlling for a second variable. The data i have available (which i don't need to use all) is age, gender...
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    Finding Probability using z-table help

    The question is... Assume that the readings at freezing on a batch of thermometers are normally distributed with a mean of 0°C and a standard deviation of 1.00°C. A single thermometer is randomly selected and tested. Find the probability of obtaining a reading less than -0.976°C. P(Z<-0.976)=...
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    Please help with the following question

    A firm produces chains. The length of each link is independent of each other and normally distributed. The mean length of a link is 10. 95% of all links have a length between 9 and 11. The total length of each chain is the sum of the lengths of its links. You consider chains with 100 links 2...
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    Mann-whitney U test??

    What if I have two independent groups. In one of the groups age is normally distributed and in the other group age is not normally distributed. Which test should I use to analyze if there is a significant difference between the groups? Mann-whitney U test assumes both groups are not normally...
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    A quesion about Percentile

    This really drives me crazy, because i know its simple statistics. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a child growth of age by weight should be like this : you dont have to go into the link, here is a screenshot of...
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    Normal Distribution

    Assuming that the number of marks scored by a candidate is normally distributed, find the mean and the standard deviation, if the number of first class students(60% or more marks) is 25, the number of failed students(less than 30%marks) is 90 and the total number of candidates appearing for the...
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    Regression on two explicative variables

    Hello, I am currently doing a thesis which aims to explain returns of stocks in function of the ownerships of some stakeholders. In the Excel attached, I would like to explain the returns in the last column with the two explicative variables ( Venture Capital % Ownership and Hedge Funds %...
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    A statistic question.

    Provider Charge(Total) Fraud %Fraud Fraud*%Fraud A §§§§§§§1000§§§§§§§600§§§§§0.6§§§§§§360 B §§§§§§§100§§§§§§§§70§§§§§§0.7§§§§§§49 C §§§§§§§10§§§§§§§§§8§§§§§§§0.8§§§§§§6.4 D §§§§§§§1§§§§§§§§§§1§§§§§§§1.0§§§§§§1 Please ignore "§" above. Which provider should be given alert? I am...
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    Basic questions from newbie

    Hi, I am currently learning ML algorithms and implementing in R. I have a couple basic questions. 1.)Is dimensionality reduction same as feature selection? I know that in R specifying importance=T parameter in randomForest function gives you the important features based on info.gain.I was...