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    Statistic software to calculate this?

    Hello everyone. This is a difficult post... take your time to read please, and I am sorry if I have not explained myself very well I would like to calculate the average frequency of an event in a tennis match: For example, let's say that Rodger Federer in the most of the tennis...
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    Type of analysis to be used - Important because I have a deadline :(

    Hello, I am writing my thesis on innovation management which involves a survey analysis. I am using SPSS statistical tool to perform this analysis but right now I have a blocking point in the type of analysis being used? All the questions were all based on scale between 1-7 (1:completely...
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    Statisticians urgently needed in an investment bank in Florida

    We are hiring model validation analysts in our Florida office. The new hire will work on various financial models in our investment bank division. A candidate needs to have a strong statistical background, either Ph.D. in statistics/biostatistics, economics, econometrics or something...