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    Which statistical approach should be used to compare healthy and sick patients?

    Hello everyone, I'm stuck trying to figure out what the best strategy is for analyzing and distinguishing between healthy and sick patients. I have a dataset that was analysed with 20 healthy and 20 sick patients (each of them is different person). I collect data using one of the...
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    Essay Question

    Hello all, I have to write an essay at the moment and unfortunately I am stuck on a question, maybe you can help me with it. The question is as follows: "Describe in your own words how an approximation method that determines a confidence interval for the mean of a population from a sample can...
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    Question Regarding Standard Deviation of Rate Vs. Time

    Hello, I am not particularly well versed in statistics but I am doing some research and encountered something I didn't understand and was hoping someone here could help. For my research, we need to find the pump speed with the most consistency when filling a vial to 50ml. I am not sure if I...
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    help me witch R and median

    I am currently working on the data from my research. Before I can run the analysis I need to find the median for a specific variable per participant. My data set consists of all the trials per participant and per trial there is data of that specific variable. How can I calculate the median for...
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    Variances of many series of random variables

    Hello all, I have to use some statistics in my bachelor thesis, but I had little contact before this. So I am a litte confused on how to proceed. I have about 100.000 series, lets call them Yn, of weather temperature measurements. Each containing about 50 values (X1, .. X50) and each is...
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    gamma/poisson distribution

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    Help with creating a model!?

    I want to create a model that assesses the effect of Drone usage (binary) in transporting medical samples to laboratories on Treatment Success (also binary). I was thinking: Dependent: TS = treatment success, so either successful or unsuccessful. Independent: TAT = turnaround time = the...
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    Is this a regression?

    I have 4 projects (Alfa,Beta,Gamma,Delta). The projects are rank from 1 to 4 based on personal feelings. Afterwards, the projects are evaluated based on 6 criteria (C1-C6). I want to find out what is the significance index of each criterion (how important was each criterion in the projects...
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    Comparing average of two results!

    So here is a question which asks me to compare the mean results. So I calculated the mean number of deaths per 100000 people i.e (2479/216,565,318)*100000 = 1.14. So what to say? The per-day deaths of 2019 were greater than that of in 2020. That's it?
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    Is these Negative binomial distributions?

    Hi. Are these question the same(except the parameters of course) : First - What's the number of trials needed until having at least 1 defective product, with a probability >= 85%, with pDef = 0.03. Second - What's the number of trails needed until having at least 5 defective product, with a...
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    Expectation with confidence

    Hello, It has been a while since I used my probability and statistics. My question is: Say a group of 5 five people need to find the similarities between two foto's individually. After checking the result is that they found 3, 6, 2, 8, 1 correct similarities. How can you say with a certain...
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    Statistic Task!

    A newspaper reports that teenagers on average talk 4 times on the phone per night. The headmaster of the school believes that this is too high. He samples 25 teenagers and gets an average of 3.4 calls per night with a standard deviation of 0.9 calls. I want to test this at a 99% confidence level...
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    Galton Watson branching process

    Using Galton Watson branching process. Assume that a fox had 0,1,2,3 offspring with probabilities p0,p1,p2,p3 respectively. find the probability distribution for G1 and G2. below is what I’ve done so far I think this is correct for G1 however I’m unsure where to even start with G2.
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    YouTube Trending Analysis/Statistics

    Hey All, I have information on a multiple YouTube channels. The information collected for each users channel is: channel name | the date/day | the number of subscriber on the day | number of videos on the day | a yes/no variable for if they have a video trending on that day. I want to see...
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    Getting p-value for rsquared bootstrap in R

    I've been trying to get the pvalue of my samples from a bootstrap rsquared test in R. I'm not very good with statistics so could someone please take a look at my below code and point me in the right direction with regards to how I can extract the p-values per sample? # Bootstrap 95% CI for...
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    NLS with real data

    I have data that has length, age and density (counts) and i am trying to model this data to see if density at birth has an influence on length. Since my response variable reaches a plateau i know i will need a non linear model. Can anyone help me with how to go about fitting a non linear model...
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    OLS Regression Output interpretation (really urgent)

    Hi guys, I have the following output and I really need your help with this: The questions are: a) Regressor X3 is a dummy variable (X3 = 1 if individual belongs to group 1). What interpretation can you give to the corresponding coefficient? b) The dependent variable was generated by the...
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    Extrapolation - Getting info of a population from a sample

    Hello, I'm working on a problem where I have 30% of a full dataset and I have to estimate the generalization error. To be more precise, let's say I have the information of the transactions of the clients of a bank which has 30% of the countries market. I can easily get the mean, standard...
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    Fixing demographics behaviour

    Currently collecting employment/working satisfaction data from survey at different countries. Same set of questions is used. I have come across that people from some countries tend to be more optimistic/pessimistic than others. How can I take their answering behaviour into consideration when...
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    Fixing different demographics behaviour on survey data

    Currently collecting employment/working satisfaction data from survey at different countries. Same set of questions is used. I have come across that people from some countries tend to be more optimistic/pessimistic than others. How can I take their answering behaviour into consideration when...