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    Which statistical test to use

    Hi, I ran a pilot study and now that I have the data, I've become confused on how to analyze it. Participants were simply given a list of ~50 behaviours and asked to rate on a Likert scale (1-9): Permissibility for men: whether that behaviour is permissible (1) or impermissible (9) for a man to...
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    Statistical tests for SPSS - which is the most appropriate?

    I'm a little confused on what statistical test(s) I should use in SPSS, and hope that someone could enlighten me. Research is looking into the relationship between breed size and how an owner manages certain behavioural problems. A questionnaire has been used to collect behavioural data from...
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    Surveying Question

    You are looking for people between 16 to 23 years to answer a survey. Assume houses on First Street, based on copious amounts of empty beer bottles in front yards and your past experience, has a chance of yielding 16 to 23 year olds to answer your survey of 20% per house. Houses on Second...
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    Pillai’s Trace

    Of the 4 test statistics commonly used for MANOVA why is Pillai’s Trace used most often?
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    Help needed choosing statistical test

    Hi, I'm new to this forum and hoping someone can help me. I've collected some data but I am confused over which test to use to analyse it. It is a between-subjects design, with participants being allocated to either a first-person condition or third person condition. All...
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    Longitudinal Adhesion Test for Patches

    Hello dear colleagues. I have to compare the adhesion of two drugs in the form of transdermal patches. According to EMA's (European Medicines Agency) guidelines, the adhesion should be measured several times for each treatment, during the 24 hour period of administration of the drug, using...
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    How do you define a statistical way to ensure that the worst case are captured??

    I need a recommendation which addresses the variability of results. There is variability associated with these results. What I specifically need is help to define a statistical way to ensure that the worst case is captured, which can then be used in future testing and we can be sure that we...
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    Statistical test advice, currently thinking a MANOVA test.

    Hi, I'm sorry to bother everyone. I am collecting samples (continuous data) from 5 defined sites which can be split into 5 categories (A-E) (1 sample split into 5 equal sections), and will be doing this to gain a minimum of three repeats. The data can be split into 5 different size categories...
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    Suggestions for Statistical Methods for Health Research

    I am currently planning a research project looking at a scoring system for patients (using demographics, social circumstances) to determine whether there is a relationship between a patient's score and their length of hospital stay. The score has 5 domains which are all equally weighted so...
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    Critical literature review- lost to how to analyize data from many different sources

    Critical literature review- choose a topic, select many papers (30-50), extract data from papers and critically analyze to determine the overall results of all literature. I have around 50 papers for my topic. All have been analyzed in different ways, different stats, methods...I have to...
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    Is Pearson correlation suitable for my analysis? Suggestions appreciated!

    Hi guys, it's been weeks since I started to worry about my data analysis. I work with microarray data analysis, meaning that a have several datasets containing each one a bunch of genes (around 30-1034, depending on treatment). In my case I'm working with 5 independent treatments, namely 1. a...
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    Likert item data- which test to use to see if there is a relationship between groups

    Hi, I have been given some data and I am trying to statistically analysis it. The data is from a survey in which 202 students were asked what is important when considering a university. They were given 15 things (sets) such as cost, course options, location ext and asked to rate it using a...