statistical learning

  1. A

    In statistical learning, is the learning function a random variable or a constant?

    Hi Consider a predictor x and a response Y, where the true relationship between them is given by Y = f(x) + e. e is a random error term. A training data set (x_1, Y_1), ..., (x_n, Y_n) is collected and from this an estimated learning function f_hat is fitted. Then Y_hat = f_hat(x) becomes...
  2. rogojel

    Bookclub: ISLR

    Hi, I just pledged to work my way through this book (Introduction to Statistical Learning by James, Witten, Hastie, Tibshirani). Anyone willing to join? Keeping the discipline would be more fun if we worked together. regards
  3. TheEcologist

    [FAQ] Which statistics book should I get?

    Which statistics books should I get? Many of our members have there own favorite statistics books, but the best choice for you depends on your skill and interests. Here is a selection of books recommended by our members. “Biometry by Sokal and Roff “ - bugman, bugman is an ecologist...
  4. T

    Elements of Statistical Learning: Exercises

    Hi folks, i need to learn and answer a few questions of The Elements of Statistical Learning, by Trevor Hastie (available at ). Do you know where can i find the complete solutions of it? I've found a few solutions here and there, but none of them...