statistical testing

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    Significance testing over time on frequency count

    Hi all, Not sure which test I should be using. I have five years of data from one city that lists all the individuals and if their income is low, medium, or high. If I want to test if there is a significant change over time on the number of people under each category (low, medium, or high)...
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    significance of difference across genders between changes in two conditions

    I would like to find out whether measured biological changes in a disease condition compared to a healthy control condition differ significantly between the two genders. So instead of classical approaches for testing the significance of the difference between two conditions, I would need to...
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    What type of statistical test do I use?

    Hi. I surveyed 110 people and got two variables: the color of their hair and their score on an exam. I want to find out which group is more likely to get a higher score compared to the other groups of hair. In other words, are red heads more likely to get a higher score than brunettes, blondes...